• Amazon.com – 80 Million Visitors every month! Thiscould fill: 24 Malls of America and 60 Disneylands
    Source: PCMag, “Infographic: Just How Big Is Amazon.com?”
  • WAREHOUSES: 70 MILLION SQ FEET that’s more than: 700 Madison Square Gardens and could hold more water than 10,000 Olympic Pools
    Source: Business Insider, “10 Mind-Blowing Facts About Amazon.com”
  • PROJECTED 2015 REVENUE: $100 BILLION that's $190,132 per minute and $15,844 every 5 sec
    Source: Morgan Stanley’s Scott Devitt as quoted at ZDNet
  • 49 MIN OUTAGE (JAN 2013): $3.2 mln+ LOST
  • AFFILIATE PROGRAM Amazon.com Associates: The web's most popular and successful Affiliate Program Page Title Says It All:
    Source: Deloitte.com
  • Job Description in 2008: Amazon had 2 Million affiliates, in 2013 a press released mentioned that 40% of the revenue comes from the affiliates.
  • Interesting Facts (2014): Amazon owns every fourth dollar spent online in the U.S. (and every third in Q4); For the first time in a decade, Wal-Mart's web sales grew faster than Amazon's (30% vs 20%); Yet, in 2015 Amazon is on track for $100 billion in revenue, predicted to eclipse Wal-Mart.
  • Low Payment Threshold: If you select payment by direct deposit, we will directly deposit the advertising fees you earn into the bank account you designate, but may accrue and withhold advertising fees until the total amount due to you is at least $10.

What your affiliate progam should offer

  • Resources: to educate
  • Incentives: to motivate
  • Tools: to equip
  • Support: to help

Lessons to learn

  1. Maintain an affiliate program support website
  2. Motivate with performance incentives
  3. Set low/reachable payment thresholds
  4. Provide a wide variety of linking options
  5. Make integration/activation easy
  6. Support constant & consistent communication
  7. Empower bloggers & content producers
  8. Equip web developers and savvy affiliates
  9. Attract mobile app and game developers
  10. Focus on conversion rate optimization
  11. Fairly compensate the real „closers“
  12. Encourage exclusive relationships
  13. Disallow affiliate adware
  14. Prohibit TM-centric domains
  15. Leverage holiday marketing

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