Strategies and Tools for Managing a Virtual Staff #ASE15

  • Have a Plan
    • Define your company’s purpose
    • What are your gols for the next week, month, etc?
    • Document your plans
    • Determine hiring needs (new product or client, data)
    • Create an org chart with holes
    • Create a budget & schedule to fill openings
  • Hire Carefully
    • Job descriptions
    • Paid „tryouts“
    • Contractor vs Employee
    • Clear offer letters / contracts
    • Training
    • Be ready for a failure
    • Fire before wasting time „building a case“
  • Designate Systems
    • Phone (RingCentral & UberConference)
    • Email (Gmail)
    • Document handling (Google Drive)
    • Who has access to what? (LastPass)
    • Where do you get in touch with everyone? (Skype)
    • Tracking hours (HubStaff)
    • Tracking project progress (Asana)
  • Set Policies
    • Require the use of designated systems
    • Set expected work hours & what to do when you’re away
    • Vacation and sick days
    • Expenses
    • Event attendance
    • Social media / outward communications
    • Enforce the rules for everyone!
  • Communicate Constantly
    • Ongoing chat
    • Daily, Weekly, Monthly & Quarterly Standing Meetings/Messages
    • Demand inter and cross department meetings
    • Define meeting purposes and agendas
    • Create feedback loops
    • Annual reviews


10 Ways to Stay on Track When Working from Home #ASE15

  1. Have a morning routine
  2. Keep a schedule
  3. Have an action item list for work
  4. Have an action item list for household
  5. Make your home work space comfortable
  6. Set aside a dedicated workspace
  7. Be firm with friends & family on work time
  8. Limit distractions you can control
  9. Set boundaries between work & life
  10. Stay healthy in body & mind

10 Proven Ways to Make Money as an Internet Marketer #ASE15

  1. Affiliate Marketer
    ● WordPress Blogging – Niche Themes
    ● WP Site Plugins – functions, widgets
    ● Top Affiliate Networks – brands make money
    ● Review Sites – Product Reviews
    ● Email List Building – List of Tools
    ● Social Networking Mastery
    ● Sweepstakes – Go Viral like Nothing Else
  2. Business Referrer
    ● Build Your Linkedin Network – work it
    ● Find Partner/Referral Programs
    ● Make Posts – website, blog, Linkedin
    ● Send Intro Emails – Connect People
    ● Track Everything
    ● Be that person people look to for ideas
    ● Be Prolific
  3. Online Merchant
    ● Shopify – Cloud-based Storefront
    ● Email List Building – Pop-ups, Automation
    ● Find Vendors – Drop Shipping
    ● Website Apps! – The Best Part
    ● Mobile Website – Google Likes It
    ● Mobile Apps – Where YOU Need to Be
    ● Find Affiliates and Referral Partners
  4. Lead Generation
    ● Use a Lead Gen Platform
    ● Find Lead Buyers in Industries
    ● Create Lead Generation Pages/Sites
    ● Retarget all the Non-converting Traffic
    ● Thank You Page Placements
    ● Monetize Your List
    ● Sell Your Leads as Shared or Exclusive
  5. Affiliate Manager
    ● Work for a Company with a Program
    ● Work for an Affiliate Network
    ● Work for an Affiliate SaaS Solution
    ● Work as an Affiliate Recruiter
  6. Social Media Manager
    ● Learn Social Network Management
    ● Learn How to Advertise on Social Networks
    ● Learn How to Run Social Sweepstakes
    ● Learn How to Measure Social ROI Metrics
    ● Be Awesome and Proactive
    ● Run Communities and Groups
    ● Learn Monetization Strategies
  7. Media Buyer
    ● Buying Search Traffic on a CPA/CLA Basis
    ● Buying Facebook and Twitter ads
    ● Buying Display ads – Programmatic
    ● Cultivating Affiliate Relationships
    ● Buy Email List Traffic – B to C, B to B
  8. Search Engine Expert
    ● Work as an “SEO”
    ● Write Articles and Content
    ● Managing Paid Search Campaigns
    ● Generating Traffic via Content
    ● Produce “Inbound” Marketing
    ● Managing Shopping Engines (CSEs)
  9. Digital Agency
    ● Provide an Array of Services
    ● Focus on 1 Service and Do it Well
    ● Find Clients that Needs Services
    ● Build Your Personal Brand
    ● Use Marketing Automation
    ● Showcase Your Work
    ● Local vs. National
  10. Courses/E-learning
    ● Online Courses are Extremely Popular
    ● Create Your Course
    ● Create Courses for Experts You Know
    ● Use Course Platforms
    ● Build Up Monthly Subscribers
    ● Create Your Community of Learners
    ● Monetize Your Audience

Partials vs Buyer Data, Best Way to Monetize Leads #ASE15

  • Best Way to Monetize Leads Squeezing Everything Out of Everyone for Everything
  • Partials are leads that took no action but were interested at some point that they opted in.
  • Buyers, obviously are buyers. They took a credit card out and purchased.
  • Relationships: Easily increase ROI with creating relationships with partials to easily turn them into buyers.
  • Importance: Get paid later and later and later instead of right away.
  • Lead distribution is allowing the distribution of the lead to other email agencies. They can clean, create and email your leads for you.
    Causes: Bad and Good. It can create abuse to the Spam Act. Find good ones that will monitor open rates and responses.
  • Sometimes partials will not purchase because of their credit, available cash, or the product is too expensive. Easily just price point the product to a lower pricing model and receive continuous revenue. The longevity will depend on your customer care.
  • Funnels are important in every way because of the way we can interact with the end user. The ability to upsell and downsell and even cross promote to maximize ROI in the past, present, and future.
  • Funnels – analyzing prospects to eventually turn them into sales. a structured organization.
  • There are MORE Funnels – Card Type Funnels – Traffic Types – Call Center Scripts – Purchase Price Sequence

Going to Aggressive vs. Subtle

1. Aggressive, More Complaints

2. Subtle, Longevity of Trust of Consumers

3. Aggressive, Lower Retention

4. Subtle, Educating the Consumer to Purchase

5. Aggressive, No More Money to Squeeze

6. Subtle, Consistent Income

7. Call it a Day and Move on.

How to Attract Quality Web Traffic & Leads with Instagram #ASE15

[slideshare id=51032025&doc=3c-howtoattractqualitywebtrafficandleadswithinstagram-150728203319-lva1-app6892]

„How to Attract Quality Web Traffic & Leads with Instagram“

  1. How to Attract Quality Web Traffic & Leads with Instagram – Sarah Davidson
  2. 7 step system to:
    • Attract a targeted audience
    • Grow your followers
    • Drive traffic
    • Get leads
  3. Why Instagram?
    Instagram is the fastest growing social platform
    Source: Simply Measured Instagram Study 2014Q4 – More than Twitter, Pinterest & LinkedIn
  4. Step #1: Get clear about your goals
  5. Step #2: Create a compelling profile
  6. Step #3: Post content that works
  7. Step #4: Optimize your content so the right people find it (Hashtags, Geotags)
  8. Step #5: Grow your audience (Follow, Shoutout, Advertising, Contest, …)
  9. Step #6: Drive traffic & leads
  10. Step #7: Systematize & track – be consistent!

Buying and Selling Websites by Chuck Mullins #ASE15

[slideshare id=51031488&doc=1b-buyingandsellingwebsites-mullins-150728201744-lva1-app6892]

Transcript of „Buying and Selling Websites“

  1. Lessons Learned from Several Million Dollars Worth of Site Acquisitions – Chuck Mullins, Founder –
  2. Questions to Ask Yourself
    – Why buy and sell websites?
    – How much is my time worth?
    – Do I want a Job or an Investment?
    – What kind of return on my capital investment do I need?
    – What size deal makes sense?
    – What kind of risks does the site have?
    – What are my plans for this site?
  3. Why Buy or Sell Websites – Know your reasons for buying:
    − Cash flow
    − Asset appreciation
    − Synergy
    − Untapped potential
    − Private Blog Network
  4. Why Buy or Sell Websites – Know your reasons for selling:
    − Cash out
    − Redeploy capital
    − Declining market
    − Focus on core business
    − Bored
  5. How Much is Your Time Worth
    $100k a year / (52 weeks x 40 hours) ≈ $50 per hour.
    Don't work for less than you are worth: Website Monthly Income = $1,000 Hours Required Per Week = 10 $1000 / (4 weeks x 10 hours ) = $25 per hour Website Monthly Income = $10,000 Hours Required Per Week = 10 $10,000 / (4 weeks x 10 hours ) = $250 per hour
  6. What Kind of ROI Do You Want –  Typical investment:
    − CD Rates 1%
    − Bonds 2-6%
    − Stock market 7-12%
    − Real estate 5-14%
    Why do these investments pay different rates of return? What kind of return do you want?
  7. What Size Deal Makes Sense $50 x 40 hours x 12 months = $24k per year.
    $50 x 40 hours x 12 months = $24k per year.
    Total return needed on $500k investment would be $149k or a 29.8% time and risk adjusted return.
    The larger the deal, the less your time requirements impact the return.
    $100k x 25% = $25k per year $500k x 25% = $125k per year
    Total return needed on $100k investment would be $49k or a 49% time and risk adjusted return.
  8. Is The Investment Worth The Risk
    How much competition is there?
    What are the barriers to entry?
    Are there one or more critical employees?
    Does the business rely on an outside source?
    Does the business exploit something?
    What kind of SEO has been done?
    Are there pending changes to the law?
    Is the business seasonal?
  9. Is The Investment Worth The Risk – What is the traffic mix?
    − Organic traffic
    − Paid traffic
    − Social traffic
    − Direct traffic
    − Referral
    − Affiliate
  10. Due Diligence Tools (Free/Paid)
    – (F/P)
    – & (F/P)
    – (F/P)
    – (F)
    – (F)
    – (F)
    – (F/P)
    – (F/P)
    – (F)
    – (F/P)
  11. Due Diligence Tools
    – (F)
    –  (F/P)
    − (F)
    – (F)
    – (F)
    – Google Trends (F/P)
    – (F/P)
    – (F)
    – (F/P)
  12. Has the site been affected by Google updates? How long has the site been ranking?
  13. Additional Due Diligence
    – Read the comments of other prospective buyers
    – Research the seller not just the company
    – Ask questions that you have already researched and know the answers to
    – Ask seller to add you to their Google Analytics account
    – Ask questions about potential revenue streams
    – Ask what plans the seller had for the business moving forward
    – Ask seller to verify all claims with documentation
    – Ask about anomalies
    – Ask about skills and time required to operate the site
    – Ask, Ask, Ask!!!
    – Does everything add up?
  14. What Are Your Plans For The Site
    − Create a detailed plan and time line before closing on a deal
    − Migration
    − Backup website
    − Transfer domain
    − Update income sources
    − Take/transfer accounts
    − Transfer website
    − Operation: Who, what, when
    − Expansion / Optimization: Who, what, when
  15. How to Transfer the Site:
    − Communication is Key
    − Agree on specific terms and a transition plan before you agree to purchase the site.
    − What is your pain point?
    − High value vs. low value sites
  16. Prepare a contract detailing the terms of sale:
    − Time frame and consequences for transfer
    − Payment Terms
    − Seller Support
    − Non-Compete
    − Non-Disclosure
    − Non-Performance
    − Contracts With Key Employees
  17. How to Pay For a Site Send Payment First:
    After Transfer of Domain and Files in Hand: **Warning these methods have little to no recourse!
    − Check
    − Cash
    − Wire Transfer
    − Western Union
  18. Where To Buy and Sell Websites Auctions
    – Broker
  19. Where To Buy and Sell Websites Market Place
    – Miscellaneous
    – Internet Investment Summit
    – Master Mind Groups
    – Networking
    – Contact Site Owners
    – Craigslist
    – Forums