Ich hatte das Vergnügen, mit Bert Martinez zu sprechen. Auch er verdient(e) sein Geld im Internet und setzte sich dann mit 28 zur Ruhe. Wie es dazu kam und was aus seiner Sicht für den Erfolg wichtig ist, erläutert er im Gespräch.

Hi Bert, please introduce yourself.

I’m a man of wealth and taste. I´ve been around for a long, long year. Stole many mans soul and faith . . .  just kidding, those are lyrics from a rolling stones song.

Well, who is Bert Martinez? Why should you listen to me? Using marketing strategies I developed I retired at the age of 28. I’ve work with celebrities and business leaders. Co-authored a book with Dr. Joe Vitale (Online Marketing Guru from the smash hit movie, The Secret) our book “P.T. Barnum’s Golden Rules of Buisness“  has already pre-sold over 5,000 copies and it’s not due to be release until July. I am on holiday 3 months out of the year.

How did you get into internet marketing?

I got into internet marketing by selling weight loss products. We did pretty well until the FDA placed a ban on some of the ingredients and I sold the company.

What are your most successful projects?

Our most successful projects include:

1) SEO for small businesses.

2) A project we did for CNN affiliate that paid us low-mid 6 figures in fees.

3) We consult & coach with many online marketers showing them how to grow their sales.

What are the biggest challenges for your business over the next couple years?

Keeping current with SEO changes and exploiting new ways to connect with our consumers. Mobile marketing will be the really exciting.

And where do you see the best opportunities?

Physical goods in the areas of Health & Fitness, Wealth & Love. Try to find niches within these areas. Mobile marketing will be big. Affiliate and/or JV marketing also has its place.

Is there anything you would do differently?

The number one thing I would have done differently is just started earlier!

What is the best advice you have ever been given?

Doubt not – fear not.

What are the most valuable hints you would give someone who is just starting out?

  • Sell your products before you create them – pre-selling is pure profit.
  • Don’t wait to be perfect or good, start now and move towards better.
  • Start building relationships with your potential customers now, start looking for JV partners now.
  • Go to seminars not only to learn but to network, you can make millions from the networking alone!

Any secrets hands-on information you can share with our readers (e.g. great website, book, training, source …)?

For beginners: stay away from Google PPC, try smaller less expensive sites, ask.com, plentyoffish.com, facebook.com are sometimes because they don’t have as much competition and the result is a much better ROI on PPC. Forums and blogging are great sources of free traffic.

Reto, and one the most important, yet rarely talked about aspect of Internet marketing is your sales copy. That’s right! No matter what kind of methods and techniques you use to get traffic to your site, if you don’t have an effective sales copy, you’re not going to make any sales.

Here are some tips to remember:

  • Use benefit packed statements
  • Talk TO your reader, not AT him
  • Use bulleted lists

What are your preferred information sources about the internet marketing world?

  • Yanik Silver – Sales Copy & Copy Writing
  • Clickbank – Affiliate marketing – new items with no costs

Anything else you would like to point out?

You need to decide where your power is, your strength – and then hire out your weakness! If you are good at the technical stuff, but bad at selling, then find someone that is good at selling. Sales & Marketing should be your number 1 priority, everything else doesn’t matter. Most people agree, that McDonald’s Hamburgers are NOT the best, but McDonald’s Hamburgers is the number one Hamburger marketer in the WORLD.

Thanks Bert, appreciated!

Erfolg im Netz

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Heute habe ich das Vergnügen, als Gastautor Sebastian Voigt des renommierten Beratungsunternehmens Simon-Kucher & Partners zu begrüßen. Er beschäftigt sich mit dem Thema regionale Preisdifferenzierung.

Sie denken, das sei ein alter Hut? Mitnichten! Tatsächlich bekommt das alte Thema im Hinblick auf die digitale und globale Welt einen ganz neuen Reiz für Anbieter.

Das Paradoxe ist, dass regionale Preisdifferenzierung im Internet funktioniert, obwohl der Kunde, zumindest theoretisch, über alle weltweit existierenden Preise informiert sein könnte. Doch genug von meiner Seite, gerne überlasse ich Sebastian das Wort. Weiterlesen

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Ich hatte das Vergnügen, mit Bob Shirilla zu sprechen. Bob verdient sein Geld im Internet, indem er physische Produkte vertreibt. Wie es dazu kam und was aus seiner Sicht für den Erfolg wichtig ist, erläutert er im Gespräch.