brian-littletonBrian Littleton, President and CEO of ShareASale, held the initial keynote at Affiliate Summit 2015. ShareASale is platform for companies to promote their affiliate program.

In his role as CEO of ShareASale, Brian has connected thousands of merchants and affiliates alike since 2000, ensuring mutual profitability while preserving the spirit and core values of the affiliate marketing industry.

ShareASale celebrates its 10th anniversary this year and currently supports over 3,600 small- to medium-sized merchants, working strategically with its clients, both on the advertising and publishing end, to maximize their individual potential.

Brian talked about four Business Justifications he is using as a guiding principle:

  • How to make decisions, consistently
  • How to deal with angry customers or problems
  • How to have fun in your business
  • How to surround yourself with the very best


He is not only considering the first 30 days of a decision (Example: „We can make money with pop ups!„), but also the last 30 days („These pop ups are spam! Who is responsible?„). Brian did not allow Adware etc. and made an ethical decision to keep such kind of programs out of their portfolio. He also made sure, once the company grew, to give back, to charity, help fundraising, …#

In addition to that, never forget where you came from – grow and strengthen the relationships between your company and its stakeholders.

In his company, he introduced the „off the wheel“ principle – for several hours a week, you are not allowed to work, but have to improve yourself (e.g. learn Excel, take dancing classes, …). If you do this on a consistent weekly basis, you will make a lot of progress!

He advocates leaving the home office and switch it out for a „regular“ office, to bounce off ideas of one another. And last but not least: Make sure to watch TV! He recommends watching „The Profit“ and „Shark Tank„, to sharpen your business sense – and also, to answer the questions asked for your own business.