• Agenda
    Why Amazon FBA
    Choose your Product
    Choose Supplier
    The Listings
    Marketing (PPC and others)
    Tips, Tricks
  • Advantages of Amazon
    FBA No logistics to take care of
    Free from Shipping Qualification for Amazon Prime
    High sell volume From Supplier to Amazon FBA
  • First Step: Choose your Product
    The search The right Products is vital Look for a Niche with high potential Less competitors
    Concentrate the research on… Products with few reviews (max. 50) Price: 15-100 $ (golden spot: 60 $) Potentially giftable Small
    Find Product demand Analyze the sales per month of your best competitor Avoid big trends (which will explode soon) Amazon’s Best Sellers Feature
    Use the right tools Google Trends Viral Launch CamelCamelCamel Jungle Scout
  • Second Step: Choose Supplier
    Alibaba but also alternatives (Chinabrands; Madeinchina, Bizbilla)
    Once you decided on the Product, you contact 5 Suppliers, sorted by: review, years of experience. You can check also if they have Skype
    You ask for the MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity), the Price per MOQ and for a sample of the Product
    Use the quotes you get from each of the Suppliers as dealing material
    Try to always consider your margin
  • Third Step: Preparation
    Set your account:
    Seller central account;
    Pick the Professional Option: 39,99$ /Month
    Use a general name (with category name in it);
    Purchase UPC

    Use SnapUPC or GS1 US  You can send them directly to Supplier
    Set the Price

    Try to maintain your margin above 30%
    Don’t be the cheapest seller
    Set your Price high
    Use the FBA Revenue Calculator
  • Fourth Step: The Listings
    01 The Pictures
    Good Product pictures!
    Different views
    White Background and Lifestyle
    02 The Title
    Structure for the perfect Title: Brand-Variant- Size/Quantity-Keywords
    Capitalize the first letter of every word
    NO promotions, symbols or suggestive commentary (best)
    03 The Category
    The wrong category will make you “invisible”
    “Customers also bought” Option
    1st.Category: most Relevant; 2nd Category: Subcategory
    04 The Bullet points
    Optimize at least the first three for mobile Use LSI Keywords you can’t use in the Title
    Customer Optimized: key information in 15-20’’
  • Fifth Step: Initial Reviews
    01 Don’t cheat! Avoid reviews from: mother, family, friends or shady groups
    02 Find out if you are applicable for Amazon Early Reviewer Program or Amazon Giveaways
    03 Allowed Tricks: – Request reviews to Customers you provided Support to; – Add the request in the Product Listing – Follow up Emails (with a little story)
  • Sixth Step: PPC Campaigns
    01 Choose ten keywords that define your Product. Don’t use bulk keywords: Amazon PPC is not Google PPC
    02 Analyze your competitors’ campaigns using Reverse ASIN Search
    03 Two Philosophies: – The one Automatic //Manual High Budget Campaign: Let the campaigns run on automatic for 10 days with a budget of 10-15$ per day – The Four Automatic campaigns Low Budget: Run 4 campaigns based on Clusters (Product // Category // Brand // Goals) for 10 days on approx. 5/6$ pro day
    04 Never stop your campaigns! Learn to optimize them
  • Extra Mile: Other Marketing Channels
    Looking for external traffic will get you ahead from your competitors
    You use Amazon as Showcase for your Brand
    Don‘t send traffic directly to your Products on Amazon
    Create Landing pages and a funnel
  • Tip: Add A+ Content
    3% -10% more Sales Strong Branding Connotation Full Shopping Experience
  • Tip: Mistakes to avoid
    Always check the permissions and documentations for some specific categories
    Take your time to order samples and review the quality of your Product.
    You might also look for some competitor’s Product
    First understand Amazon’s Basics: they won’t change, Don’t focus on a single Product, try to build a portfolio
    Don’t infringe the copyright
  • Tricks
    Before you launch your Product, create an Email list and use it to generate your traffic once you launch your Product
    Use the FAQ to drive more sales: the more your potentials will be sure about your Products, the more will convert into buyers
    If your competitor is running external PPC campaigns and use Bitly Links, you can extract their stats from it
    Use five Keywords in your Canonical URL, it will give a little ranking on Google too (it means extra traffic!)
  • The full Checklist
    Suppliers Choosing the right Supplier is vital. Poor quality or delayed timing will affect your business.
    Product Take your time to do the researches, to check the demand, the competitors.
    Reviews Don’t use Black Hat tricks, you will risk your account. Focus on the connection with the customer
    PPC Campaigns Plan the Budget and your goals. Start on Automatic, then optimize your campaigns
    Preparation Documentations, permissions (if needed) have to be available. Set the Account and the Price considering a long term business
    Add the “extra” A+ Content Social Media Traffic