Accelerating Revenue Growth Through Influencer Marketing by Tadd Spering #ASE17

Why influencer marketing?
Influencer marketing is one of the hottest, and most effective, ways to get your brand in front of a massive targeted audience.

Influencer Marketing Statistics

  • When social media is part of their buyer’s journey, customers tend to convert at a 129% higher rate.
  • They are also four times as likely to spend significantly more than those without a social component.
  • Customers acquired through word-of-mouth (such as influencer marketing) are retained at a 37% higher rate than those acquired through other means.

Brands are spending a lot on influencers

  • Globally, marketers spent $570 million on influencer marketing last year… on Instagram alone.
  • In 2016, brand sponsored influencer posts cost $9.7 million. By 2019, it’s expected to rise to $32.3 million. (Source: Media Kix)
  • On average, brands spent $25,000 – $50,000 per influencer campaign in 2016.
  • Some companies charge a minimum of $10k to run a campaign but results can be seen with a smaller budget.

Best Practices


  • Ideal partnership between brand and influencer allows for transparency within the campaign terms and analytics.
  • Bloggers should disclose their exact number of followers and degree of influence.
  • Brands should clearly identify their content needs, specifically if there are any legal mentions such as #ad or #sponsored and pay influencers on time.

Campaign Tracing and KPIs

  • Brands and retailers should have a real-time view into how well the campaign is performing.
  • KPIs should be agreed upon before the campaign and measured fairly throughout.
  • Some influencers are better at driving sales and conversions while others are best for engagement and user acquisition.
  • KPIs should be unique to the campaigns.

Influencer Marketing will be a large part of the overall marketing strate

  • A recent Influence 2.0 study shows that influencers will play a role in the overall customer journey through content, engagement and community.
  • It is by engaging influencers in authentic, long-term relationships and creating value within the relationships between influencers and their communities, that CMOs can impact sales, satisfaction, retention and overall customer experience

Campaign Overview

  • Budget of < $10k
  • 10 style influencers created outfit posts featuring the products provided by brand.
  • Influencers shared all posts to their blogs, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter, with full tracking functionality through Stylinity’s Go2Buy platform.
  • The duration of the campaign was 3 months.

Dojo Google Updates Link Building Tools and SEO Lessons by Jim Boykin #ASE16


– Submit your disavow URLs now, before the next update!
– Use Google Webmastertools
– Check backlinks to http, https, www version of the site

Broken Link Backlinks – find what was on the page via waybackmachine, rewrite, reach out to website
Who else is linking to that page?


Trusted Links

– Trust Bait Link Building
– Broken Link Building
– Competitor/Neighborhood  Link Building
– Natural Link Building plus social signals


Grab top 1000 results

Check those pages to find the pages where there are 7 or more external link on those pages.
Write to them and see if they’ll add your link to their page.


Identify 3-10 of your competitors

  • Download their backlinks (Moz, Majestic, Ahrefs)
  • In a sense, do a disavow, leave only the good links.
  • Group the links in categories: Blogs, forums, news,  articles, resource pages, etc
  • Make a list of sites you feel that you can get a link from
  • Try first to get a link on a page that also links to the competitors (good co-citation)
  • If you can’t get on the page, try to get on the site

How to Attract Quality Web Traffic & Leads with Instagram #ASE15

[slideshare id=51032025&doc=3c-howtoattractqualitywebtrafficandleadswithinstagram-150728203319-lva1-app6892]

„How to Attract Quality Web Traffic & Leads with Instagram“

  1. How to Attract Quality Web Traffic & Leads with Instagram – Sarah Davidson
  2. 7 step system to:
    • Attract a targeted audience
    • Grow your followers
    • Drive traffic
    • Get leads
  3. Why Instagram?
    Instagram is the fastest growing social platform
    Source: Simply Measured Instagram Study 2014Q4 – More than Twitter, Pinterest & LinkedIn
  4. Step #1: Get clear about your goals
  5. Step #2: Create a compelling profile
  6. Step #3: Post content that works
  7. Step #4: Optimize your content so the right people find it (Hashtags, Geotags)
  8. Step #5: Grow your audience (Follow, Shoutout, Advertising, Contest, …)
  9. Step #6: Drive traffic & leads
  10. Step #7: Systematize & track – be consistent!

#ASE14 – The secret of Slickdeals revealed – How to attract millions of users each month

SlickdealsGregory Kim, Chief Revenue Officer at Slickdeals, talks about how the website grew into the Top150 US-websites. For him, „Social is the winning business model!

Slickdeals uses Social Commerce and Crowdsourcing, which allows the best deals to surface, influenced by community votes and comments. This leads to more sales for the merchant, and lower customer acquisition costs.

The site started in 1999 and grew slowly. Once the community grew enough and reached its inflection point, it started growing by itself. Until 2012, the company grew organically and virally without, and then they added paid advertising to the mix – now Slickdeals has more than 9 million unique visitors each month.

This is how works:

  • Great deals get posted by members
  • The community votes on it
  • Deal editors curate the content
  • Consumers get huge savings, merchants generate incrementals sales and new customers

The secret sauce

  1. Content and value is king – design is secondary, the social aspect is the competitive advantage.
  2. Quality and trust is the #1 job – merchants are not allowed to post deals, the community combined with the expert team are responsible for the content.
  3. Community feedback loops – not-great content will get voted down.
  4. Social is not easy, but the ROI is powerful! It is difficult to build social at scale.

The recommendation is obvious: Incorporate Social and Mobile in your business!

#ASE14 – Was mit Facebook Werbung alles möglich ist…

Facebook WerbungIn dieser Session ging es um Facebook Werbung. Hier einige Tipps für Fortgeschrittene Facebook Advertiser, mehr Details gibt es auch in meinem Social Media Formel Kurs:-).

Generell lautet die Devise: „Entertain, Educate, Evoke emotion!“

  • Wie kann man eigentlich auf Facebook werben?
    1. Boost Post (extrem einfach, Streuverluste)
    2. Self-served Ad Tool (mehr Funktionen)
    3. Power Editor (alle Features, nur via Google Chrome Extension)
  • Facebook mag keine Affiliates, sondern will Brands, die dort werben.
  • Über einen Unpublished Page Post („Dark Posts“) kann man User gezielt ansprechen, ohne dass der Beitrag selbst auf der Facebook Seite erscheint – das ist geeignet, um bspw. verschiedene Zielgruppen mit unterschiedlichen Anzeigen/Bildern separat anzusprechen (bspw. jung/alt, männlich/weiblich, …).
  • Über eine Website Custom Audience (WCA) kann man Webseitenbesucher tracken, und diese dann auf Facebook gezielt mit Anzeigen targetieren.
  • Man kann auch die eigene E-Mail Liste als „Custom Audience“ hochladen, und diese Leute targetieren (sofern sich diese mit der selben Email bei Facebook angemeldet haben).
  • Über „Audience Insights“ kann man mehr Details zu den den eigenen Fans erfahren (Alter, Geschlecht, Interessen, …).
  • „Lookalike Audiences“ machen es möglich, dass Facebook eine bestehende Zielgruppe (bspw. hochgeladene Email Liste, Webseitenbesucher, Konversionen, …) nimmt, diese analysiert und darauf basierend eine neue Zielgruppe mit Usern erstellt, die ein ähnliches Profil haben!
  • Man kann dann über die „Audience Insights“ herausfinden, wie die eigene Zielgruppe aufgestellt ist – und diese Informationen nutzen, um die neu kreierte „Lookalike Audience“ auf die Hauptzielgruppe herunter zu brechen.
  • Facebook erlaubt neu auch „Day Parting“ (nur via Power Editor, nur bei Lifetime Budget) – damit lassen sich Anzeigen nur während bestimmten Zeiten schalten (bspw. 8-12 Uhr).
  • Man sollte einen Konversion Pixel auf der Check out / Dankesseite haben, damit man diese Leute (die konvertiert haben), von weiterer Werbung ausschliessen kann (resp. man kann noch viel mehr damit machen … ich sage nur: Lookalike Audience 🙂 ).

P.S.: Wer nur Bahnhof versteht, der findet unter zu den meisten Themen detaillierte Anleitungen.

Zentrale Erfolgsstrategien, um Ihre Webseite Social Media tauglich zu machen

Liebe Leserin, lieber Leser

Wer heute nicht in den sozialen Medien aktiv ist, vergibt sich viele Chancen! Damit meine ich natürlich nicht, dass man den ganzen Tag auf Facebook Ferienfotos von Freunden kommentiert, mit den Kollegen chattet oder sich durch die eigene Neugier treiben lässt. Vielmehr sollte jedes Unternehmen und jeder Webauftritt die Möglichkeiten der sozialen Medien strategisch nutzen. Um Unternehmen und Selbstständigen einen Leitfaden zu geben, habe ich die sogenannte ZEMM-MIT Methode entwickelt, welche in diesem Video vorgestellt wird. (mehr …)