• The 3 Big Shifts You MUST Harness
    Economic Restructuring
    Evolving Social Consciousness
    Biosphere Consciousness
  • How to Make this Applicable to You
    As I explain the background on each of these shifts, think of how they apply to any and every aspect of your business
    Don’t take notes – write down ideas
  • Near Zero Marginal Cost – The Third/Fourth Industrial Revolution Marginal Efficiency & Peak Productivity Near Zero Marginal Cost Jeremy Rifkin
  • Artificial Intelligence  – This is uncharted territory
  • The Labor Market – Sample of jobs that are about to disappear
    Fast-food Service – Clerical Work – Retail Sales – Driving a Truck – Professional Services.
    Automation & AI is about to eliminate most of these
  • The Middle Class is Constricted
    The drive for higher profits and greater efficiency has eroded the middle-class
    You need people to sell to, don’t you?
    Hedge fund billionaire Ray Dalio says capitalism needs urgent reform
  • Distributed Economic Forces – Rise of Entrepreneurship, De-centralized Energy & Production, The Internet of Things, Collaborative Common
  • Biosphere Destruction – For those of you who deny climate change… You cannot deny pollution & biosphere desecration, We are in the 6th great extinction event of planet earth, Anthropocene
  • Political Extremes & Populism – Trump Vs Hillary , Right Vs. Left , Government Vs. Free Market , Abundance vs. Scarcity
  • The 3 Big Shifts – Economic Restructuring, Evolving Social Consciousness, Biosphere Consciousness
  • Winning in Entrepreneurship is… – Finding Opportunities to TRULY Solve Problems NOT Syphoning Incremental Value
  • Social Consciousness – The Networked Generation – citizens of the world Despite what the news says, people care about people – an about companies that care about people Millennials decreasingly identify with religion & politics
  • Biosphere Consciousness – Where does this product come from? Gen Z climate-warriors Zero waste + footprint reduction Localized Production
  • Economic Restructuring Access vs. Ownership Global vs. National The end of work as we know it Job creators will be kept sacred
  • Your Journey Evolved Enterprise – Yanik Silver – These companies outperform the S&P500 by 1400% There is nowhere you can be that isn’t where you’re meant to be It doesn’t matter what stage or industry you are in, these branding tactics will work for you.
  • The branding proses  why-what-who
  • Start with WHY????
    Why does your brand exist?
    Why are you building this brand and not something else?
    Why do you care?
    Why should someone else care?
    What makes you say “we got to change that” when you hear about it??
  • More Than Making Money
    You have to connect with a greater “Why” than making money If that is where you are starting from, that’s cool, but you need to evolve Great brands have great purpose, and all founders have passion
  • TALK TO YOUR CUSTOMERS – You will learn more than you could imagine
  • Start with a Vivid Vision
    Your brand’s compass
    You can move mountains It tells the world what you are up to
    Bring on or avoid the right people – align your team And MUCH more
  • Be Bold & Stand Out from the Norm
    People want to feel like they are a part of something bigger than themselves
    SHIFTING CONSCIOUSNESS “Come with us and don’t be normal”
    People want to feel like they aren’t just another number
    They want to be a part of wicked tribes
  • Minimum Viable Audience – Seth Godin
    We started making videos for ourselves
    We connected with the important few
    The “kings of viral” content marketing fell flat on their faces when they tried to manufacture it
  • Be the Guide, not the Hero
    They are the hero, you are their guide
    Help them discover what they have been all along
    Guide them on their own journey
  • Find the “Motorcycle Wave”
    Existing Intimacy
    What are the underlying currents and connections within your customer communities
    What would make someone tag their friend that this applies to???
    Hijack it! – ride the wave, or modify an existing one until you can stand up on the board
  • Familiarity and Parody
    Immediate familiarity with the concept Humor to overwrite and hijack that memory Call to action
  • WHAT?
    What can you provide for them to accomplish their goals?
    What kind of content do they consume?
    What do you want them to say about your experience?
  • Fulfill Your Promise – Make Good Shit
  • What are you Really Selling?
    Not usually what you think you’re selling! People don’t want a drill bit, they want a hole…actually, it’s the shelf – or using the shelf OR… the recognition of hanging the shelf Does this look like Harley Davidson’s typical customer?
  • Craft an Incredible Customer Experience – Experience bridges Acquisition, Retention and Branding
    Prioritize building a customer community / media channel component
    Focus on Residual Influence – the ability to retain the attention trust and loyalty of your customer community over a longer horizon In the next few years, you will not be able to compete without an amazing experience