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Erfolg im Netz - Online Marketing Strategien für Unternehmer

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Lessons Learnt From Sending Over 3.5 Billion Emails By Kathryn Wright #ASE19

  • Discountvouchers’ audience Love good value
    DiscountVouchers (veteran emailer) has been in the business of driving incremental revenue and pleasing consumers with daily offers via email since 2006!
    Pretty old school
    TBH Not the biggest
    UK only
    Very lean team
    Affiliate only Email only
  • 2018 Results From Traffic Driven By Us
    Clicks Purchases £3,600,000 Revenue Generated 2,600,000 122,000 71,000,000 Emails Opened
  • Treat each of your customers like the individuals they are Not as a cohort Or a segment …Or a demographic
  • Basics –  Deliverability, Open Rate, Click Through Rate, Purchase Rate, Purchase Amount, Repeat Purchase, List size – Engaged! ,Attrition Rate ,Re-engagement
  • They can really only say for sure what they DON’T want What do customers want? So it’s our job to work it out from their actions testing and reading the data
  • What can we infer from the data we have about them – Demographic data. What do we know about them from their actions? – purchase data. To be useful to merchants! – incremental exposure
  • Knowledge is Power – Move Beyond Segmented Demographics Knowledge is Power
    • Personalization. It enables superior customer retention and stronger acquisition, and therefore leads to sustainable,profitable growth.
    • Using simple field insertion for a customer’s name can increase email open rates by upwards of 18%
    • Amazon’s recommendation engine accounts for 35% of the company’s revenue, which shows that the right product recommendations are invaluable for retailers.
    • Collaborative filtering – also known as “those who bought this also bought that,” is similar to making recommendations based on what’s trending.
    • Personalise email send time
    • Interest-based recommendations
  • Leveraging Wisdom of the Crowd Personalization
    Built on Predictions
    Single User Profile:
    Lifetime View of Rules on Deals
    Selected by User Interest
    Behavioural Predictions
    Dynamic Email Interest based personalisation
    Higher open rates
    Higher Click through rates
    Increased purchases
    Better deliverability
    Reduced churn
    Visibility of what your best customer looks like

Hijacking Global Consciousness To Build World Changing And Hugely Profitable 8+ Figure Brands by Alex Brown #ASE19

  • The 3 Big Shifts You MUST Harness
    Economic Restructuring
    Evolving Social Consciousness
    Biosphere Consciousness
  • How to Make this Applicable to You
    As I explain the background on each of these shifts, think of how they apply to any and every aspect of your business
    Don’t take notes – write down ideas
  • Near Zero Marginal Cost – The Third/Fourth Industrial Revolution Marginal Efficiency & Peak Productivity Near Zero Marginal Cost Jeremy Rifkin
  • Artificial Intelligence  – This is uncharted territory
  • The Labor Market – Sample of jobs that are about to disappear
    Fast-food Service – Clerical Work – Retail Sales – Driving a Truck – Professional Services.
    Automation & AI is about to eliminate most of these
  • The Middle Class is Constricted
    The drive for higher profits and greater efficiency has eroded the middle-class
    You need people to sell to, don’t you?
    Hedge fund billionaire Ray Dalio says capitalism needs urgent reform
  • Distributed Economic Forces – Rise of Entrepreneurship, De-centralized Energy & Production, The Internet of Things, Collaborative Common
  • Biosphere Destruction – For those of you who deny climate change… You cannot deny pollution & biosphere desecration, We are in the 6th great extinction event of planet earth, Anthropocene
  • Political Extremes & Populism – Trump Vs Hillary , Right Vs. Left , Government Vs. Free Market , Abundance vs. Scarcity
  • The 3 Big Shifts – Economic Restructuring, Evolving Social Consciousness, Biosphere Consciousness
  • Winning in Entrepreneurship is… – Finding Opportunities to TRULY Solve Problems NOT Syphoning Incremental Value
  • Social Consciousness – The Networked Generation – citizens of the world Despite what the news says, people care about people – an about companies that care about people Millennials decreasingly identify with religion & politics
  • Biosphere Consciousness – Where does this product come from? Gen Z climate-warriors Zero waste + footprint reduction Localized Production
  • Economic Restructuring Access vs. Ownership Global vs. National The end of work as we know it Job creators will be kept sacred
  • Your Journey Evolved Enterprise – Yanik Silver – These companies outperform the S&P500 by 1400% There is nowhere you can be that isn’t where you’re meant to be It doesn’t matter what stage or industry you are in, these branding tactics will work for you.
  • The branding proses  why-what-who
  • Start with WHY????
    Why does your brand exist?
    Why are you building this brand and not something else?
    Why do you care?
    Why should someone else care?
    What makes you say “we got to change that” when you hear about it??
  • More Than Making Money
    You have to connect with a greater “Why” than making money If that is where you are starting from, that’s cool, but you need to evolve Great brands have great purpose, and all founders have passion
  • TALK TO YOUR CUSTOMERS – You will learn more than you could imagine
  • Start with a Vivid Vision
    Your brand’s compass
    You can move mountains It tells the world what you are up to
    Bring on or avoid the right people – align your team And MUCH more
  • Be Bold & Stand Out from the Norm
    People want to feel like they are a part of something bigger than themselves
    SHIFTING CONSCIOUSNESS “Come with us and don’t be normal”
    People want to feel like they aren’t just another number
    They want to be a part of wicked tribes
  • Minimum Viable Audience – Seth Godin
    We started making videos for ourselves
    We connected with the important few
    The “kings of viral” content marketing fell flat on their faces when they tried to manufacture it
  • Be the Guide, not the Hero
    They are the hero, you are their guide
    Help them discover what they have been all along
    Guide them on their own journey
  • Find the “Motorcycle Wave”
    Existing Intimacy
    What are the underlying currents and connections within your customer communities
    What would make someone tag their friend that this applies to???
    Hijack it! – ride the wave, or modify an existing one until you can stand up on the board
  • Familiarity and Parody
    Immediate familiarity with the concept Humor to overwrite and hijack that memory Call to action
  • WHAT?
    What can you provide for them to accomplish their goals?
    What kind of content do they consume?
    What do you want them to say about your experience?
  • Fulfill Your Promise – Make Good Shit
  • What are you Really Selling?
    Not usually what you think you’re selling! People don’t want a drill bit, they want a hole…actually, it’s the shelf – or using the shelf OR… the recognition of hanging the shelf Does this look like Harley Davidson’s typical customer?
  • Craft an Incredible Customer Experience – Experience bridges Acquisition, Retention and Branding
    Prioritize building a customer community / media channel component
    Focus on Residual Influence – the ability to retain the attention trust and loyalty of your customer community over a longer horizon In the next few years, you will not be able to compete without an amazing experience

Place Your Bets: Hear the Experts Discuss Operating as a US iGaming & Betting Affiliate By Melissa Blau #ASE19

  • Basics of Online Gaming Market in USA
    • Online Gaming consists of five distinct verticals, each regulated very differently
    1. Casino 2. Poker 3. Sportsbetting 4. Bingo 5. Lottery
    • Online gaming is strictly a state by state initiative (10th amendment)
    • There are three different types of entities that are authorized to operate and/or administer sportsbetting and online gaming
    1. Commercial casinos
    2. Tribal casinos
    3. Lotteries
    • In USA, each state has taken a different approach to sportsbetting and online gaming when it comes to operating entity and product vertical
  • Basics Facts of iGaming Affiliate Marketing
    • Land based casino operators have used ‘affiliate’ like marketers for decades through the form of junket providers
    • Affiliates are paid by revenue share or CPA (deposit only)
    • Online gaming for commercial casinos is only legal is two states
    • New Jersey (2013) and Pennsylvania (2019)
    • Nevada offers ‘variant’ mobile wagering but requires in-person signup
    • West Virginia false start with Betlucky. Expected to relaunch with FanDuel by NFL season
    • Lottery: Michigan and Pennsylvania offer revenue share and require no license
  • Basic Facts of iGaming Affiliate Marketing • Casino was launched in New Jersey in 2013
    • Sportsbetting was launched in New Jersey in August 2018
    • Mature Markets: Casino represents 50% of the revenue but sportsbetting represents 70% of the players
    • Affiliate marketing is a highly regulated business for online gaming for commercial casinos • Requires a license issued by each state
    • The costs depends on size/complexity of organization and type of license
    • Ranges between $2,000 and $50,000 (estimation)
    • Both New Jersey and Pennsylvania offer the same licensing regime
    • Ancillary Service Industry Provider. Revenue share. Performance based on a percentage of revenue less agreed hard costs deductions (tax, promotions etc)
    • Cost per Action (deposit): fixed
  • Licensed Affiliate Options Industry Service Provider
    • Revenue share of 30-45%, of NET revenue or CPA
    • For each depositing player • Gross to Net: hard costs expenses (taxes, promotions, maybe other)
    • Term: TBD min of 2 years to indefinite • Allowed to act as a super affiliate (needs to be flushed out)
    • Very onerous licensing: 5 years of taxes, all monthly statements, no access to safety deposit box etc.
    • Higher Licensing costs Vendor Registration • CPA: Cost per acquisition • For each depositing player
    • Range varies by vertical: Casino higher than sports and poker
    • Range: $175 – $700
    • Depends on total number of depositing players and quality of traffic
    • Lower costs for licensing and much less invasive questions
  • Opportunity: Sports Betting is a Game Changer
    • In New Jersey (where legal) mobile represents the vast majority of the revenue
    • Online is 80% of the revenue for sports betting New Jersey (where both are legal)
    • Retail only states will need to expand to offer online to be successful
    • Sports betting drives online casino revenue
    • Online casino doubled since Draft Kings launched its casino
    • New opportunities on numerous fronts: more states, new brands, addition of casino or sports betting • Increased competition from affiliate community with introduction of sports betting 82.0% 18.0% Online Dominates NJ Sports Betting GGR YTD Online Retail
  • DFS Brands Have Dominated New Jersey
    • FanDuel and DraftKings has 80% of the sportsbetting market
    • Negative: Bad for affiliates as they are only compensated for new depositing players
    • Positive: incumbent and other brands need affiliates
    • As new states open or expand to add online, non-FD/DK brands will need to include affiliates 83% 17% NJ Online Only Sports Betting Revenue FanDuel/DraftKings Rest of New Jersey 80% 20% NJ Total Sports Betting Revenue FanDuel/DraftKings Rest of New Jersey
  • Pennsylvania is Still Too Early to Tell
    • FanDuel Retail has 9% market share (located outside Philadelphia)
    • Online only launched in May with one online sportsbook (Sugarhouse)
    • Now three online sportsbooks with several more expected to open before NFL start
    • FanDuel and Draft Kings have not launched their online sites • Online Casino not live yet Retail Sports betting GGR Pennsylvania
  • Tips and Process to Becoming iGaming Affiliate
    • Hire a gaming lawyer or professional regulatory person in local market
    • Each affiliate must be sponsored by a local casino in the state
    • This must be completed first
    • Complete the forms
    • Have your regulatory lawyer review everything before submitting
    • Ancillary license: requires on site fingerprints (not sure about vendor registration)
    • Contact the Casino or Sports books affiliate managers
    • Read the restrictive terms and conditions before doing anything
  • Operating as an iGaming Affiliate in the USA
    • Licensed activity – need license to operate
    • Very content driven mainly dependent on reviews and articles
    • All contracts must be approved by Gaming regulators
    • No ability to pay any company supplying services to affiliates based on any performance metric tied to gaming
    • E.g. Revenue share, CPA, depositing new players, signups, active players
    • Sub-affiliate (if licensed with super affiliate) required to have Vendor Registration license (paid on CPA)
    • Only metrics allowed are monthly, hourly, annual fee – solely not tied to performance
    • Restrictions on message to players monitored by casinos and regulators
    • Periodic valuation forms that describe your acquisition strategy and marketing message
    • No ability to advertise on Google in a straight forward manner
    • Facebook permission is difficult to obtain and may be taken away at any time
    • Outside of external marketing tools, not entirely well managed at this time but getting better (cookie stuffing etc)
    • CPAs and Revenue share can be very lucrative especially in new markets

How to promote your own application by promoting … of your competitors By Pawel Kijko #ASE19

  • Present your application and compare it with its competition – describe the differences;
  • When writing about the competition of your app, add links to Landing Pages, which compare it with them;
  • Place a screen and an instructional video for your application;
  • Place the CTA;
  • Mark the links to the competition as “nofollow.”

Unicorn Growth Strategies Of Slack, Zendesk & Salesforce by Bill Macaitis #ASE19

    Advisor: Macaitis advisory  B2B: Slack, salesforce, zendesk. Advisor: Fox news, fox, IGN, askmen, Rotten tomatoes
    Advisory “I’ve already recommended your service to probably 20 or 30 colleagues”.
    CMO, Ops & Analytics, Lifecycle Nurture, Growth, PMM, Brand, Content, PR, Campaigns Events, Intl, Evangelism

Unicorn Growth Strategies Of Slack, Zendesk & Salesforce by Bill Macaitis #ASE19

Winning SEO Tactics for Product Affiliates by Dale Bertrand #ASE19

  • Winning SEO Tactics for Product Affiliates Dale Bertrand President, Fire&Spark August 12th, 2019
  • SEO is a Moving Target
    Gets more competitive every day
    Search algorithms are constantly changing
    Generating backlinks is harder than ever
  • What Type of Sites Are We Talking About Today?
    Anyone promoting products with any type of content
    Product review
    Price comparison
    Product blogs
  • My background
    Built product review and education lead gen sites
    Studied AI in graduate school
    Practicing SEO since 1999
    Founder of Fire&Spark digital marketing agency
    Focus on SEO, content marketing and analytics
  • Problems We’ll Tackle
    Competitors are outranking you
    Organic traffic isn’t converting
    Gave up on link building
    Lost traffic during an algorithm update
  • You must have the most useful, trustworthy content in your niche
    What Does Google Want?
    Happy searchers (and to sell more ads)
    Google is a happiness engine
    Google wants to send searchers to sites they trust
  • Foundational SEO Strategies
    1 Build an SEO friendly site
    2 Develop SEO Content
    3 Generate backlinks
  • Research keywords one- by-one I did this for a decade!
    Rinse and repeat
    Lurk in forums and FB groups for content ideas
    Continuously generate content
    Send thousands of link building outreach emails
  • Old-school SEO Tactics
    Rely on SEO Is Not a Numbers Game
    More content
    More links
    More outreach emails
  • SEO in 2018 Keyword targeting
    Build an SEO-friendly site Authority based on backlinks SEO in 2019
    Content must be high quality and useful
    Minimum viable technical SEO
    Authority based on backlinks and reputation
  • One-task Strategies
    Interview campaigns
    Product giveaways
    Student group sponsorships
  • User Generated Content Strategies
    Q&A Sites
    Learning communities
  • Purpose-driven Strategies The process
    1. Identify a trending topic in your niche
    2. Engage authentically
    3. Build relationships
    Lead a movement!
  • Strategy,
    We led the movement against the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA)
    Contacted anyone who wrote about the law
    Interviewed activists
    Wrote articles about the impact
    Distributed banners and badges
  • Results, Content, links and Rankings
    Mentions and backlinks on blogs
    Backlinks from Handmade Toy Alliance
    Backlinks Overlawyered Blog
    Banner and badge backlinks
    Links from toy makers
    Interview and issue oriented content
  • Takeaways
    SEO has evolved and we need to elevate our strategies
    Your affiliate site can be “important reading”
    Influencers have a soft spot for causes they care about
    Dump mass email outreach for targeted email outreach
    Generate natural links (don’t do link building)
    Find a cause that you personally care about
  • Choosing a Niche
    OLD Evaluate keyword search volume vs. competition
    NEW Start by looking for trending topics that you care about

5 Partner Marketing Trends In 2019 And Beyond By Robert Glazer #ASE19

    • Track partner activity and know ROAS.
    • More automation and scalable tools.
    • Tie payout to performance.
    • More transparency.
    • Better brand experience.
    • Grow their share of marketing budget shifted from brand to performance.
    • More transparency into brand partner’s data and KPI’s.
    • Clear communication from brand partners on changes, opportunities, etc.
    • Fair and hybrid compensation.
    • Real-time reporting on performance.
    • Multiple FTE’s.
    • 5-10 year experience, VP/Director level.
    • Multiregional experience, local language capability.
    • Specific experience in recruiting, business development, campaign development, fraud, data analysis, etc.
    • Separation of services and technology.
    • No more “roadmap”, platforms will have to compete as tech companies on features available today and tomorrow.
    • More licensed tech, continued phase out of performance fee.
    • Partner and “In House Programs” using white labeled technology.
  • ENABLING TECH  – Reporting Automation & Integration
    • OptimusPrime
    • Affluent. Fraud
    • Forensiq. Date and Attribution
    • Odyssey. Buy Now
    • Monotote. Publisher Analytics & BI
    • Trackonomics
    • Shift towards “open” systems vs “closed” systems.
    • Interoperability will be essential. • Similar to path programmatic.
    • Network compatibility.
    • Direct to consumer brands starting global and going global faster.
    • Consumers are increasingly shopping from outside their own countries.
    • As global e-commerce and global partner marketing grows, so will brands’ demand for more global partner marketing solutions.
    • Ecommerce sales = $3.5 trillion in 2021
    • Mobile device-commerce sales = 80% of transactions, just over $2.7 trillion dollars by 2021.
    • Multitrillion-dollar e-commerce market and the world’s largest.
    • Why have five agencies when you have one platform?
    • Brands looking for global solutions, integrated global strategy and in-country support.
    • Brands/agencies need to stay abreast of global and region-specific changes such as GDPR, Nexus, FTC, rollout of more stringent policies in the U.S. around privacy and disclosures.

10 Ways to Network, Increase Sales Conversations, and Generate 80% more Leads Using LinkedIn By Marcus Murphy #ASE19

  • If you’re not active on Linkedin You’re missing 80% of your leads on users in 200 countries, and 2 new member network every second!
  • 600+ MILLION content impressions in the Linkedin feed
    • #1 Profile
    • #2 Content
    • #3 Connecting
    • #4 Engage
    • #5 Messaging
  • Tips for Picking the Right Linkedin Profile Pic
    – Choose a recent pic that looks like you,
    – Pic should take up 60% of the frame


5 Tips to Harness The Power Of Coupons In The US Market by Dan Cohen #ASE19

  • Hamburg HQ • 35+ premium partners • 13 countries • Content adjacent coupon sites • 100+ staff • Digiday & Deloitte Awards
  • Tip 1: Trust in Coupons
  • Tip 2: Find the right partners
  • Tip 3: Develop a Winning Strategy
  • Tip 4: 360◦ Approach
  • Tip 5: Ask for Innovation
  • Trust in coupons
  • Find the right partner
  • Develop a winning strategy
  • 360 approach
  • Ask for innovation


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