• Winning SEO Tactics for Product Affiliates Dale Bertrand President, Fire&Spark August 12th, 2019
  • SEO is a Moving Target
    Gets more competitive every day
    Search algorithms are constantly changing
    Generating backlinks is harder than ever
  • What Type of Sites Are We Talking About Today?
    Anyone promoting products with any type of content
    Product review
    Price comparison
    Product blogs
  • My background
    Built product review and education lead gen sites
    Studied AI in graduate school
    Practicing SEO since 1999
    Founder of Fire&Spark digital marketing agency
    Focus on SEO, content marketing and analytics
  • Problems We’ll Tackle
    Competitors are outranking you
    Organic traffic isn’t converting
    Gave up on link building
    Lost traffic during an algorithm update
  • You must have the most useful, trustworthy content in your niche
    What Does Google Want?
    Happy searchers (and to sell more ads)
    Google is a happiness engine
    Google wants to send searchers to sites they trust
  • Foundational SEO Strategies
    1 Build an SEO friendly site
    2 Develop SEO Content
    3 Generate backlinks
  • Research keywords one- by-one I did this for a decade!
    Rinse and repeat
    Lurk in forums and FB groups for content ideas
    Continuously generate content
    Send thousands of link building outreach emails
  • Old-school SEO Tactics
    Rely on SEO Is Not a Numbers Game
    More content
    More links
    More outreach emails
  • SEO in 2018 Keyword targeting
    Build an SEO-friendly site Authority based on backlinks SEO in 2019
    Content must be high quality and useful
    Minimum viable technical SEO
    Authority based on backlinks and reputation
  • One-task Strategies
    Interview campaigns
    Product giveaways
    Student group sponsorships
  • User Generated Content Strategies
    Q&A Sites
    Learning communities
  • Purpose-driven Strategies The process
    1. Identify a trending topic in your niche
    2. Engage authentically
    3. Build relationships
    Lead a movement!
  • Strategy,
    We led the movement against the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA)
    Contacted anyone who wrote about the law
    Interviewed activists
    Wrote articles about the impact
    Distributed banners and badges
  • Results, Content, links and Rankings
    Mentions and backlinks on blogs
    Backlinks from Handmade Toy Alliance
    Backlinks Overlawyered Blog
    Banner and badge backlinks
    Links from toy makers
    Interview and issue oriented content
  • Takeaways
    SEO has evolved and we need to elevate our strategies
    Your affiliate site can be “important reading”
    Influencers have a soft spot for causes they care about
    Dump mass email outreach for targeted email outreach
    Generate natural links (don’t do link building)
    Find a cause that you personally care about
  • Choosing a Niche
    OLD Evaluate keyword search volume vs. competition
    NEW Start by looking for trending topics that you care about