CPA Offers Are For Bloggers, Too! How And Why To Use Them by Tricia Meyer #ASE18

  • Agenda: Basic of CPA v CPS, Why You Should Try Them, How to Use Them, Best Practices, Questions & Answers
  • CPA v. CPS (Cost Per Action/Acquisition v. Cost Per Sale)
  • Monetize Without Selling and Examples
  • Advantages of Branded Offers
  • Diversify Your Earnings
  • Odds and Ends
  • Best Practices

The Guide To Native Advertising For Affiliate Marketers by Alex Kapralov #ASE17

Common Native Verticals

  • Technology (gadgets, software)
  • Health & Beauty
  • Financial Services
  • Gambling
  • Dating
  • Games
  • Education & Careers

6 Most Effective Styles For A Strong Headline

  • Informative
  • Inspiring
  • Innovative
  • Shocking & Jaw-Dropping
  • Touching & Heartwarming
  • Questions

Campaign Goals That Align Well With Native Ads

  • Increase traffic to original content
  • Improve CTR and Engagement
  • Educate the general public (and inspire new customers)
  • Alter brand perception (and associate brand with content)
  • Improve sign up rate for mailing lists

Reflection: Why Choose Native

  • Native advertising is on the rise
  • Strong Native ad campaigns have:
    • –A compelling headline
    • –A motivating description that includes key words and language that inspires action
    • –A clear and emotional image that will be relatable to users
  • Native ads improve your CTR
  • Native ads are great for campaigns that:
    • –Are content driven
    • –Aim to acquire new customers
    • –Aim to change brand perception

10 Ways to Stay on Track When Working from Home #ASE15

  1. Have a morning routine
  2. Keep a schedule
  3. Have an action item list for work
  4. Have an action item list for household
  5. Make your home work space comfortable
  6. Set aside a dedicated workspace
  7. Be firm with friends & family on work time
  8. Limit distractions you can control
  9. Set boundaries between work & life
  10. Stay healthy in body & mind

Buying and Selling Websites #ASE15



Fast & Easy Founder & CEO, QuietLight Mark Daoust, talks about Tips To Make Buying & Selling A Website Simple

  • were founded in 2007
  • 600+ websites & online businesses sold vv $70M+ in total transactions
  • $20M on track sales in 2015
  • Buyers & Sellers Follow a Predictable Process


  • Explore the Marketplace Negotiate an Offer …there’s more, but we won’t explore due diligence or closing.
  • Buyers should start small, then develop an acquisition strategy, and sellers should focus on preparing the right documentation.
  • Go into your first purchase knowing you could lose your entire investment Online businesses lose value faster than offline businesses.
  • Starting big can be overwhelming & leave you miserable.
  • Identify natural points of leverage.
  • Know what you are good at.
  • Pool Resources As you gain experience, buy bigger with an acquisition strategy.
  • First time buyers should buy small.


  • Get a starting valuation. You’ll discover if you should wait or if you are ready to go to market today.
  • Timing your sale has significant impact on value.
  • Your financials should always be the first place you focus. Get these right..
  • Prepare documentation
  • Financials are your first focus, make sure they are right.
  • Return on Investment Buyers have one reason to buy your business: for a return on investment. Learn to speak their language.
  • Due diligence deals fall apart most frequently during due diligence. Get your financials right to make this a breeze.
  • Make sure your accounting methodology is right for the best valuation. Accrual/cash basis accounting can turn out different valuations, recording certain expenses wrong can lower your valuation (example: website rebuild)
  • Collect and organize verification documents like Bank statements, Merchant statements, Tax returns
  • Don’t Ignore other Documents! Financials are the most important documents to have right, but don’t ignore other documents Contracts with vendors, various reports on membership/clients (collect as much as possible)
  • Google Analytics setup & installed correctly
  • Sellers should ‘own the ugly’ and buyers should act like high value buyers.
  • Own the „Ugly“ Parts of your business tips! There is no such thing as the perfect website for sale. Don't hide the ugly parts of your business – own them. Buyers can handle weaknesses. Buyers can handle threats. Buyers can't handle surprises.
  • Buyer's will assume the worst if they are surprised by a weakness. Buyer's will Assume the worst buyers will also question your honesty and competency if they discover a significant omission. Buyers will question your honesty. Be upfront about weaknesses. Explain them. Explore them. Help a buyer to form the proper conclusion about your business's weakness.

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