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Top 5 Tools & Hacks to Optimize Your Offers for Success and 5 Benefits You Receive by Marco Ponce #ASE19

  • op·ti·mi·za·tion – the action of making the best or most effective use of a situation or resource. Our resource is our website! noun
  • Problem: You can’t optimize what you don’t measure.
    Solution: Implement tools to help you measure, target and optimize.
    Free & paid tools will be provided to help guide you through the chaos of marketing technology.
  • About Me
    Head of Optimization with (a network) which paid out $48M in affiliate commissions as of 2018.
  • About
    ● Short-Term Loans & Personal Loans ○ Leads ○ Clicks ○ Calls ○ US & UK Markets
    ● Over 460 Active Affiliates ● Optimized Forms
  • Chronological Order of Events (Pun Intended) – Types of tools covered with top tool pick in each:
    1. Event Tracking
    2. Funnel Tracking
    3. Session Replay & Heatmapping
    4. Experimentation
    5. Automated Web Testing
  • Description & Solutions – Event Tracking
    ● Allows you to get more granular data than just pageviews
    ● Can be highly targeted actions! ○ Based on custom goals ○ Needs custom development. Solutions –
    ● Google Tag Manager (GTM) events to Google Analytics (Free) ○ Debug events with Google Tag Manager preview tool
    ● Heap
    ● FullStory
  • Tool of Choice For Event Tracking – Google Tag Manager –
    1. Develop once and syndicate out to other tools
    2. Easy self-serve
    3. Good versioning system
    4. FREE
  • Quick Hack Develop events for Google Tag Manager ONCE and then syndicate out to other tools for ingestion into those platforms.
    This allows for develop time to be shorter and tool implementation to become faster!
    BONUS: Value parameter can pass time on step also!
    Custom Event Triggers
  • Event Hierarchy From Google Tag Manager (GTM) you will have to have at least 3 parameters covered.
    1. Event name a. Generally the topic
    2. Category a. Self-explanatory
    3. Action a. Click, Popup displayed, etc
    4. Value a. Can pass back time it took to complete action Event Name Category Action > Label > Value
  • Key Benefit For Event Tracking Helps you DRILL DOWN ON ACTIONS people take on your website and not just what pages they hit
  • Description & Solutions Funnel Tracking
    ● The act of tracking starting point and end point user will take on your website ○ With events it could be by field or step
    ● Let you see key drop-off points Solutions
    ● Google Analytics ○ Pageview Funnel ○ Virtual Pageviews From Events
    ● Heap
    ● FullStory
  • Tool of Choice For Funnel Tracking Heap Analytics
    1. Event driven data visualization
    2. You can create funnels with pageviews and events
    3. Excellement segmentation options
    4. Retroactive event capture and naming
  • Quick Hack
    Using Heap Analytics you can start with a pageview and then transition into events specific to single page application.
    Heap also allows for more steps captured than Google Analytics.
    Example Funnel Report Transitions from pageview to events on single-page multi-step form and has way more steps than allowed on Google Analytics funnel visualization report
  • How it works
    Step 1 Google Tag Manager sends event to Heap
    Step 2 Heap collects events to then have you create sequential report on
    Step 3 Report in Heap can then be segmented interpreted
  • Key Benefit For Funnel Tracking Helps you IDENTIFY KEY AREAS OF IMPROVEMENT to fix bugs and/or user experience
  • Description & Solutions Session Replay + Heatmaps
    ● Allows you to SEE the actions being taken by your users while heatmaps collect the actions that could be taken on items that are NOT intended to be clicked on or receive errors Solutions
    ● FullStory
    ● Crazy Egg
    ● Hotjar
  • Tool of Choice For Session Replay & Heatmaps FullStory
    1. Excellent video recordings of users while keeping high security fields private
    2. Console log of bugs that can be detected by dev tools
    3. Collects actions like “rage clicks” and “dead clicks”
  • Quick Hack
    Get dev tools add-on for FullStory to allow you to collect console log files from users to see errors and bugs.
    Then setup segments with errors so that you can monitor any bugs that may arise proactively.
    Example Rage Click Replay
  • Key Benefit For Session Replay & Heatmaps
    Helps you SEE THE USER EXPERIENCE and capture log files to see bug errors and report to IT with a simple shortlink
  • Description & Solutions Experimentation
    ● A must for being able to test new designs out with a well thought out hypothesis.
    ● Allows you to split test urls or has visual editor for you to do minor adjustments.
    Solutions ● Google Optimize (Free) ● Optimizely ● VWO ● Freshmarketer
  • Tool of Choice For Experimentation Freshmarketer
    1. The best value in the space
    2. Fast reporting
    3. “Custom attributes” segmentation of results
    4. Polling and other subtools
    5. “All-In-One Conversion Optimization Suite”
  • Quick Hack Use Freshmarketer “custom attributes” feature which are collected from events syndicated from GTM.
    This will allow you to target all and tag users as they come in to segment out later based on your criteria and not just device or behavioral data.
    Example Report
  • Key Benefit For Experimentation
    IMPLEMENTATION ACROSS ALL USERS by being able to split traffic, tag users via events fired and segment out later in reporting
  • Description & Solutions Automated Web Testing
    ● This is a tool that follows a script set by the user that tells it what to do on a website
    ● Scheduled testing will show if new experiments break things and alert if issues arise Solutions
    ● Ghost Inspector
    ● TestCraft
  • Tool of Choice For Automated Web Testing & Monitoring
    Ghost Inspector
    1. Easy to script out new process via Chrome Extension
    2. Intervals and notifications are quick to set up
    3. Low learning curve for non- developers
  • Quick Hack Create tests for every facet of your website/offer.
    From logging in to submitting a new order.
    This can even look for error on front-end UI or source code.
    When test fails, Ghost Inspector will tell you what step failed, play back video of the test and show you a screenshot of end point of test.
  • Key Benefit For Automated Web Testing & Monitoring
    PEACE OF MIND and proactive alerts via email, and/or Slack to you or your team when issues arise
  • The Top 5 Tools
    1. Event Tracking (DRILL DOWN ON ACTIONS) ○
    2. Funnel Tracking (IDENTIFY KEY AREAS) ○
    3. Session Replay & Heatmaps (SEE THE USER EXPERIENCE) ○
    4. Experimentation (IMPLEMENTATION) ○
    5. Automated Web Testing & Monitoring (PEACE OF MIND) ○

Changing Face In The Retail Industry by Marco Reginelli #ASE19

  • US Census Bureau, 2017 National Population Projections By 2025 57% of Americans will be Millenials or younger By 2025, more than half the U.S. will have grown up with a digital first mindset Millennials are:
    ● First generation to have had access to the Internet during their formative years
    ● WiFi, Google, AOL chat rooms, Facebook, and Smart Phones were all released when Millennials were ~5-25 years old
    ● First generation to have parents who regularly used technology Millennials, defined: Born 1981-1996, in 2019 they are 23-38 y.o
  • 57% of Baby Boomers use social media 71% of Baby Boomers use online banking services 1X per week 36% of 50+ year olds use ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft
    52% of Baby Boomers watch Digital Video Source: Gallup, July 2018; eMarketer, November 2018; Pew Research, May 2018; ABA Infographic Millennials significantly influence older generations
  • Consumer expectations are changing 1 in 3 Expect personalized recommendations +55%Growth in searches for ‘ideas’ on mobile 70% Of who started shopping will make a purchase ‘today’ Curious Demanding Impatient
  • The New Age Shopper Driving Results in a Changing Coupon Market Be There Be Helpful Be Frictionless
  • For Today’s Curious New Age Shopper Driving Results in a Changing Coupon Market Be There Be Helpful Be Frictionless
  • Most customers start their journey online Retail 53% Food & Dining 38% Beauty/Wellness 20% Source: Google/Kantar TNS; Auto CB 2018; eMarketer 2018; Google Consumer Survey 2019 Percent of consumers who look for coupons online
  • But the journey is no longer linear or predictable 30% 56% Source: Google Internal Data, 2019; Google Survey 2019 24% online search engine 22% visited a marketplace like: amazon 13% visit a coupon app 11% visit a coupon website 6% from friends & family of those who use the internet during their search*: Prefers cashback/discount directly applied at checkout consumers have multiple touch points when researching coupons 23% Directly search for the brand coupon Use coupons in the notifications they receiv
  • Query the physical world with Lens Image scan and recognition Shoppable images Shop Similar Products Drive organic visibility and traffic for your products with Lens Inspire new purchasing journeys Now Next
  • Connect with consumers during discovery Merchandise with beautiful imagery Inspire with content rich ads & relevant promos Showcase Ads Drive increased discovery and consideration of your brand with Showcase Ads Influence consideration Now Next
  • Curious – Be Helpful Source:; ThinkWithGoogle, August 2015 1.5M+ “Bug Wisdom” 8 video sequence 350% Boost in brand search Views
  • 64% of smartphone users expect to get information specific to them and their situations while using their smartphone.
  • 58% of smartphone users feel more favorable towards companies whose mobile sites or apps remember who they are and their past behavior.
  • Provide the features your customers need to use your site/app 42% 31% 25% Q: Which features on Coupon/cashback Websites/Apps are MOST important to you? 25% 24% 15% Source: Google Survey, Jul 2019 Credible & Reliable Ease of Use Quality of Offers Automatic discounts based on cart value Clear/ Transparent Offer Brands Available
  • 56%of shoppers will signup on a coupon site with a strong cashback offer 33%of shoppers values a coupon provider if they have personalised deals Source: Google Survey, Jul 2019
  • Performance Matters of people abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load *15s: the time it takes for an avg. mobile page to fully load 56% reduction in conversions for every 1-second delay in loading time7%
  • Help impatient shoppers Proprietary + Confidential 56% of mobile site visits are abandoned if a page takes 3+ seconds to load 44% of voice-activated device users order weekly 76% of people who conduct a local search visit a store within 24 hours Your site Your stores Across the web “Hey Google…”
  • New users +600%, Checkout steps 18 to 2 +9% revenue per visit, +15% time on site +36% revenue Faster mobile sites with Accelerated Mobile Pages App-like experiences with Progressive Web Apps Faster checkouts with Google Play Make it fast and easy to buy on mobile Remove friction on your site Now Next
  • If you only remember 3 things… 1 2 3 New gen shoppers are here. These are the ones who are looking to save time & money You are competing with the best experience your customer has ever had. Future proof your business by being helpful, personalized, and frictionless.

How to Stand-up an Affiliate Program and Effectively Test Within Performance Marketing by LeAnne Armstead #ASE19

  • The Kroger Co.
    Kroger offers thousands of quality food and household products from your favorite brands and companies.
    From fresh produce, meats and seafood to dairy and home goods, we are your one stop for savings.
    We also offer multiple ways to shop, so getting your groceries is easier than ever.
    You can shop online and get your groceries delivered to your home in as little as one hour, or pick up at your local store within a one hour window!
    With nearly 2,800 stores in 35 states under two dozen banners and annual sales of more than $115.3 billion, Kroger today ranks as one of the world’s largest retailers.
    Improving marketing efforts and maximizing business approach can lead to more desired results
    Implementing strategic tests to scale can lead to transformative discoveries to help drive conversation
    Gaining internal alignment and spreading the word about your marketing channel will be crucial to success
  • Determine Objective Key Results
    • Expand marketing presence
    • Drive Revenue + Trips
    • Increase Market Share
    • Identify associated technical work
    • Establish launch roadmap
    • Quantify/Project potential revenue impact
    • Communicate expenses
  • What is Affiliate Marketing?
    • Reinforce Pay Per Revenue Strategy
    • Identify Types of Publishers & Business Model
    • Define Commissions and commissionable events
    • Program Promotion
    • Testing & Optimization
  • Socialization of Affiliate Marketing:
    Network and have a good understanding of how affiliate marketing fits into your department the broader marketing organization and your company Identify and onboard with important working teams:
    Sales/Merchandising Technology/Innovation Loyalty & Rewards Data Science/Analytics
    Deep dive into the business needs and goals
    Identify budget needs including projection on commissions based on industry information, incremental placements, retainer for an agency
    Develop use cases for adjacent teams “I googled discount sites and was listed within the search results.
    I went to the website and typed in “grocery” which took me to a page with various consumer goods brands and offers.
    Kroger offered $10 your first purchase using code “SHIP”.
  • The Kroger Co.
    As a company, we are committed to digital innovation and redefining customer experiences that bridge accessibility to fresh food.
    Corporately, we forge partnerships that foster customer value and serve communities.
  • Challenge:
    Utilize digital marketing to reach consumers via e-commerce.
    To invest in easy- to track performance.
    To draw savvy shoppers, who transact on mobile and to automate their shopping and rewards programs. We wanted to create omnichannel programming that was low-risk and ROI focused.
    Therefore, we outlined partnerships, that enabled new technologies and platforms while establishing a testing agenda that could be targeted and was 100% measurable.
    Implemented cash-back tests across various time durations for 3 month duration Tracked incremental Kroger shopping intent through offer linking modality (Decrease passive sales) -AND- every incentivized in-store consumer transaction.
  • Performanc e Marketing Testing Agenda:
    Identify purchasing partner and understand customer experience and user flow.
    Acquaint yourself with shopper path to purchase Set clear objectives and test goals.
    Align with business needs and how test can support Establish timing and budget.
    Prevent overlap of in-market tests, to ensure “clean” results, and set expectation of when investment will exhaust
    Understand offer strategy and customer incentive.
    Decide on test targets based on demographics
    Coordinate test methodology to effectively track KPI’s and incrementality
  • Marketing Optimization:
    Analyze test results and determine key takeaways in order to scale test.
    Analyze Dig into customer targets.
    Dig Deepen partnerships.
    Closely collaborate and actively meet with partners to create effective programming that works
    Deepen Gain alignment on learnings
    Gain Implement subsequent test phase that is longer and broader to better understand customer behavior

How To Build An Engaged Audience Of Buyers On Social Media By Lauren Tickner #ASE19

    ● The power of social media in 2019 and beyond
    ● The only place to start
    ● Building a profitable audience
    Brick and mortar (stores/estate agents/service providers)
    Info-products (courses, e-books, etc)
    Physical products
    Service providers
    People with a dream
    ● Positions you as an expert.
    ● Know, LOVE, trust.
    ● Makes them aware of how much worse off their life is WITHOUT you.
    ● Batch-create content
    ● Repurpose your content
    ● Strategic content posting & distribution calendar
  • You Need To Focus
    ● E-commerce
    ● MLM
    ● Online courses
    ● Brick & mortar
    ● Public speaking
    ● Podcasting
    ● Brand deals
    ● Coaching
    ● Consulting
    ● Affiliate marketing
    ● Freelancing
    ● Events
    ● Infoproducts…

How To Correctly Post Amazon Affiliate Links on Social Media By Jesse Lakes #ASE19

  • Please Note • Read the Associates Operating Agreement & Program Policies • I am not a lawyer • Additional resources available
  • Transparency: Shoppers “They will trust you more if you are transparent about where you are directing them.”
  • Amazon Tools Short Links OneLink Influencers Easier to share Global links Product Collections No ability to edit or view metrics Storefront specific links limit commissions Javascript specific, doesn’t work on social media Storefront specific links limit commissions
  • Allowed! Can I use third-party tools to create and share posts? Yes, as long as the resulting post is compliant with the OA and Program Policies.
 – Resource Center: Guide to Sharing Amazon Links on Social Media (w) You will not use a link shortening service, button, hyperlink or other ad placement in a manner that makes it unclear that you are linking to an Amazon Site.
 – Associates Operating Agreement: Policies Third-Party Tools
  • Third-Party Tools Short Links OneLink Influencers Easier to share Global links Product Collections No ability to edit or view metrics Storefront specific links limit commissions Javascript specific doesn’t work on social media Storefront specific links limit commissions Necessary
  • Best Practices • Add all channels before you start referring traffic. • Add the full channel not just the domain 
 (eg. “”) • Update the list for EACH of the Amazon Associates program • Be sure to include “” if you’re are using Choice Pages. • Include “” if you are listing products on Kit
  • Transparency: Government “You must also comply with all applicable laws and regulations, including by providing all necessary disclosures. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requires that material connections between advertisers and endorsers are disclosed to customers.”
  • “As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.” For social media user-generated content, it must be associated with your account. This can be on an “about” or “info” section. For individual social media postings this full statement is not required. Transparency: Government
  • Not Okay! 1/ Not Your Channel
 “You are the sole moderator of the account that you plan to post to…” 
 2/ Private Channels “The network is public and widely accessible, and does not require access through paid applications. Anyone should be able to access it or view it without requiring special permissions…”
 3/ Paid Ads
 “…you cannot use affiliate links in paid ads or pay (“boost”) posts that include affiliate links.”
  • Not Okay! 4/ Asking for Clicks or Bookmarks
 “you can’t ask or encourage others to distribute your links or post your Associates-related content on any account that doesn’t belong to you.”
 – Resource Center: Guide to Sharing Amazon Links on Social Media 
 “g) You will not offer any person or entity any consideration, reward, or incentive (including any money, rebate, discount, points, donation to charity or other organization, or other benefit) for using Special Links.”
 – Associates Operating Agreement: Policies
 “You must not encourage customers to bookmark your Special Links.”
 – Associates Operating Agreement: Policies
  • Conclusion You may NOT:
 …publish, link to, sell, otherwise distribute, or place a Qualifying Link on any social networking sites, including, but not limited to, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc.

How to make more money using white hat trial and straight sale models by Cyrus Ameri and Robin Danielsen #ASE19

  • About us
    Robin Cyrus We run offers, ecom stores, an agency, monetization, and consulting.
  • Who is this for?
    Advertisers, affiliates, solutions, networks, banks, and all reps: we are here to show you how to make more money from any offer using data you already have.
  • Why this matters if you’re a
    Advertiser Stop leaving money on the table and start monetizing your data. Affiliate Help your advertisers implement this and you’ll get more cap and larger/faster payouts. Solution Provider Your clients will have lower chargebacks, higher transaction volume, and brand longevity.
  • What the Heck!
    You sell to hundreds if not thousands of new customers a day and you think your job is done after the first sale? You’re collecting VALUABLE DATA from self-selecting audiences!
    ● Page visits ● Prospects ● Customers ● Declines
    Your affiliate just made you a valuable sale using the perfect advertorial and all you want to do is charge their card as many times as you can before they CB, report to BBB, and force you to rebrand.
  • Monetized offers can outspend others on the same customer
    If I can spend more than my competitors, then I can get the best traffic and the most sales. This is true for all types of offers! Affiliate based, internal, and across every vertical… How?
  • He or she who can spend the most to acquire a new customer wins. -Every legendary digital marketer
    “If you read the first Dotcom Secrets book, that’s all I talked about. The person who can spend the most money to acquire a customer wins. Done, that’s it. I can spend more money than Lead Pages to acquire a customer. I can spend more money than Infusionsoft, I can spend more money than all my competitors. Any competitor of ClickFunnels, I can out spend every single one of them. Every one of them. There’s not one person in my market that can outspend me. That’s why we’re destroying everybody else right now. Do you understand that? That is the key.” -Russell Brunson, Founder of ClickFunnels“
  • Importance of having Straight Sale and Trial for every offer
    Downsell Trial Pay as much as you need to acquire a straight sale customer then monetize with a trial downsell (and tons of others). MID Benefits Show banks your hybrid model, and run straight sale and trial on the same account to keep a clean chargeback. Perceived Value Your trial offer is much more likely to convert on an audience that has seen your straight sale offers. Build brand. Compliant Trial Pages Disclose terms because your audience understands the value of your product. Then run it on every platform. Pricing Bill $40-60 for your VIP membership so you can actually pitch it as good deal. Stick rates/LTV increase, chargebacks decrease. Regulation All of this is white-hat so you’re also preparing for an increasingly regulated industry.
  • What are you currently doing with your data?
    ● Ad views ● Page Visitors ● Leads ● Customers ● Declines
  • Best methods to monetize your data
    Email Educate and sell your customers with audience- specific sequences. SMS If you can get high deliverability, this is gold. Get personal with your audience. Retargeting This is your best performing paid ads allows for scale. Calls Great not only for customer support and partials, but also for upselling coaching and other offers. Direct Mail Branded letters build up value and bring your customers and leads back to your offers. Ringless Voicemail Direct to voicemail offering downsell or value to call in.
  • Layer these on the backend for more money
    13 Amazon Amazon already gets a ton of traffic, so your products need to be on here. Trial downsell A discounted trial or downsell to your straight sale offer. Buyers club Small monthly membership to your ecommerce type store. eBooks These act as trip wires for cold and warm audiences and as upsells for existing customers. More physical products Cross sell customers your other products, and delivery the right products to the right audiences. Coaching A great sell over the phone especially in the wellness space. Offer quality coaching for a monthly fee.
  • This layers on top of your current traffic. It doesn’t replace anything.
    Use your existing data to get higher LTV’s, find better media buyers, pay vendors faster and increase MID cap
  • Easy to set up and highly effective
    Retargeting, Email, SMS
  • Retargeting Sell To Your Page Views
    ◇ Use your pixel data ◇ Educate them on your product ◇ Testimonial overload
  • Retargeting Sell To Your Prospects
    ◇ Testimonial overload ◇ Limited time discount offers ◇ Cross sell your product line
  • Retargeting Sell To Your Buyers
    ◇ Buyer Thank-you ads ◇ Cross sell products in your line ◇ Memberships are key
  • Email Sequences:
    Prospects ◇ SS Offer ◇ Trial Offer ◇ Amazon discount ◇ Flash sale ◇ Other products
  • Email Sequences:
    Customers ◇ TY Buyer Ads ◇ Push Discount Offer ◇ Build Rapport/Value ◇ Other physical products ◇ Rebuy emails after 1 month ◇ Other emails like asking for testimonials
  • Email Sequences:
    Declines ◇ Amazon offer ◇ Offer help or assistance/other ways to purchase ◇ Apologize for difficulties and offer discount
  • SMS:
    Prospects ◇ Discount offer ◇ Trial offer ◇ Occasional flash sale blasts
  • SMS:
    Customers ◇ Thank you + confirmation ◇ Shipping update ◇ Offer to call in for free coaching → upsell ◇ Rebuy and flash sales
  • Internal Media Buying
    Reasons why media buyers don’t want to work directly with typical offers:
    ● Can’t offer media buyers anything that a network or other advertisers can’t offer
    ● Media buyers want real data and ways to monetize that data
    ● Not enough cap to scale properly
    ● Build a real brand to offer media buyers equity With a fully monetized offer, you’ll attract quality media buyers that are willing to grow with you long-term.
  • Sell Your Brand
    Typical offers won’t sell. You can begin by layering this on top of your current traffic and current brand, and you can use that data to build separate brands with all of this plugged in at the start.

Conversion Rate Optimization: Beat Competitiors and Get Paid By Andrew Woolbert #ASE19

  • My Background • Saas, eCommerce, eLearning • Affiliate Manager, Director of Affiliate, Product Manager Wins • Grew 40+ million-dollar company after 6 years of declines • Grew a company that lost 13 million the previous year • Part of two teams that grew brands to over 1 million customers
  • Why Care? 1 Anyone can buy traffic  It takes talent to turn it into profits Anyone Can Buy Traffic 2 Affiliate Manager & Affiliate & Entrepreneur Advancement 3 The world looks different when you understand these strategies Mindset 4 25 strategies can make you better than 99.8% It’s Easy 5 This isn’t wishy washy stuff – There is data to prove it Analytical 6 With so many free and cheap tools, there isn’t an excuse It Doesn’t Cost Much
  • Focal Points Good Affiliates Focus on EPC Affiliate Site Checkout Landing Page Andrew Woolbert | 6 • Helping Affiliates Earn Creates Loyalty • Landing Pages Are an Easy Tool • Checkout Offers the Biggest Gains
  • Important Tools Analysis • Google Analytics • Hotjar Testing • Google Optimize • Unbounce / Leadpages Geotargeting • Geotargetly Uptime and Speed • Pingdom • Google Page Insights Abandonment • Upsellit • Optinmonster This list is far from complete, but I am focusing on cheap, easy, and essential Andrew Woolbert |
  • Affiliate Site (Part 1) Analysis • What pages currently receive the most traffic • What keywords lead to the traffic • What are the bounce rates • Test site speed Pre-Click • Schema is important to stand out • Analyze titles and descriptions • Test site speed Strategy • Create network of money pages • Maximize internal linking • Update regularly
  • Affiliate Site (Part 2) Organization • Use comparison tables • Put top picks near the top of long best x pages • Add money pages to top menu • Ensure relevant images are clickable  Testing • Change enough but not too much • Look to paid search • Use subid’s • Need traffic  Tactics  • Cross outs, % saved, x people picked • Expand the clickable area = • Use widgets with data feed= • Reassure
  • Landing Pages Why Use a Landing Page Creator • Cheap • A/B testing • No Devs • Downside – not as good for SEO Tactics • Continuity from affiliate money pages • Ordering • Length • Quality leads vs quantity
  • Examples  • Add Product • Trusted By • Selling Points • Testimonials • FAQ • Questions? • Trust Seals
  • Checkout / Cart Strategies • Add Urgency • Mobile • Monitor Errors • Reduce Leakage • Cheer • Reassure • Upsell • Market Leader • Payment Options • Reduce Fields • One Page • Geo Fields • Language Switching • Progress Bar or Steps

Pinterest Hacks for Influencers & Business by Michelle Held #ASE19

  • 34% Americans (aged 18 to 49) use Pinterest 291 Million Monthly Active Users
  • 85 M in the U.S.
  • 206 M overseas
  • Pinterest’s Top 5 Countries
    • USA • Brazil • India • Turkey • Russia
  • Millennials (ages 23 to 38 in 2019)
    • 50% use Pinterest every month
    • 59% Discovered products
    • 47% make a purchase
    • Use Pinterest as much as Instagram
    • 90% Use Pinterest to make purchase decisions
    • 55% Looking specifically for products
    • 97% Searches are unbranded
  • Pinterest users spend 29% more while shopping than non-users
  • @metrony#pubcon experiment with new recipes 29% try new brands 27% explore new musical genres & artists 23% try latest tech 21%
  • 50% of Small Biz – > NO Website
  • 45% not likely to patronize a small biz with a bad website
  • 80% Lose Trust in Businesses if Online Information is Incorrect
    • Incorrect or inconsistent contact details or business names
    • Out-of-date photos
    • Incorrect hours
  • Pinterest Video
    • 60% increase in video use over the last year
    • 44% of users are shopping
  • Get Conversions
    • Life moments = 22% lift in sales
    • Lifestyle videos = 10x lift in awareness
    • Landing pages that match the pin = 13% percent sales lift
    • 95% of US Instagramers use YouTube
    • 50% of US Instagramers use Pinterest
  • Plan a Good Foundation
    • What kind of video are you creating? (Product Demo, Ad, Review)
    • Who is it for? (Consumers, Press, Employees)
    • Where will it live? (YouTube, Webpage, Social Media, Email)
  • Optimize:
    • profile
    • boards
    • pins
    • images
  • Rich Pins (4 types)
    • App, product, recipe & article pins
    • Meta data
    • Colorful images
  • Top Categories for Lens Searches:
    • Fashion
    • Home decor
    • Art
    • Food
    • Products
    • Animals
    • Outfits
    • Beauty
    • Vehicles
    • Travel
  • Character Counts
    • Title: 100 characters max
    • If no title, people see Pin description
    • Description: 500 characters max
    • Put important info in first 50-60 characters
  • Optimized video sizes(organic & promoted)
    • .mp4 or .mov
    • Max file size: 2GB
    • 4 seconds to 15 minutes
    Aspect ratios:
    • Shorter than 1:2 or taller than 1.91:1
    • Recommended square (1:1) or vertical (2:3, 9:16)).
  • Lifetime Metrics
    • 30 day
    • 7 day
    • 24 hours
  • promoted carousels
    Image count: 2-5 images per Carousel
    File type: PNG or JPEG
    Max file size: 32 MB per image
    Aspect ratio: 1:1 or 2:3

Be a Rockstar on Amazon: the ultimate checklist, tips and tricks to be successful with Amazon FBA By Valeria Pagano #ASE19

  • Agenda
    Why Amazon FBA
    Choose your Product
    Choose Supplier
    The Listings
    Marketing (PPC and others)
    Tips, Tricks
  • Advantages of Amazon
    FBA No logistics to take care of
    Free from Shipping Qualification for Amazon Prime
    High sell volume From Supplier to Amazon FBA
  • First Step: Choose your Product
    The search The right Products is vital Look for a Niche with high potential Less competitors
    Concentrate the research on… Products with few reviews (max. 50) Price: 15-100 $ (golden spot: 60 $) Potentially giftable Small
    Find Product demand Analyze the sales per month of your best competitor Avoid big trends (which will explode soon) Amazon’s Best Sellers Feature
    Use the right tools Google Trends Viral Launch CamelCamelCamel Jungle Scout
  • Second Step: Choose Supplier
    Alibaba but also alternatives (Chinabrands; Madeinchina, Bizbilla)
    Once you decided on the Product, you contact 5 Suppliers, sorted by: review, years of experience. You can check also if they have Skype
    You ask for the MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity), the Price per MOQ and for a sample of the Product
    Use the quotes you get from each of the Suppliers as dealing material
    Try to always consider your margin
  • Third Step: Preparation
    Set your account:
    Seller central account;
    Pick the Professional Option: 39,99$ /Month
    Use a general name (with category name in it);
    Purchase UPC

    Use SnapUPC or GS1 US  You can send them directly to Supplier
    Set the Price

    Try to maintain your margin above 30%
    Don’t be the cheapest seller
    Set your Price high
    Use the FBA Revenue Calculator
  • Fourth Step: The Listings
    01 The Pictures
    Good Product pictures!
    Different views
    White Background and Lifestyle
    02 The Title
    Structure for the perfect Title: Brand-Variant- Size/Quantity-Keywords
    Capitalize the first letter of every word
    NO promotions, symbols or suggestive commentary (best)
    03 The Category
    The wrong category will make you “invisible”
    “Customers also bought” Option
    1st.Category: most Relevant; 2nd Category: Subcategory
    04 The Bullet points
    Optimize at least the first three for mobile Use LSI Keywords you can’t use in the Title
    Customer Optimized: key information in 15-20’’
  • Fifth Step: Initial Reviews
    01 Don’t cheat! Avoid reviews from: mother, family, friends or shady groups
    02 Find out if you are applicable for Amazon Early Reviewer Program or Amazon Giveaways
    03 Allowed Tricks: – Request reviews to Customers you provided Support to; – Add the request in the Product Listing – Follow up Emails (with a little story)
  • Sixth Step: PPC Campaigns
    01 Choose ten keywords that define your Product. Don’t use bulk keywords: Amazon PPC is not Google PPC
    02 Analyze your competitors’ campaigns using Reverse ASIN Search
    03 Two Philosophies: – The one Automatic //Manual High Budget Campaign: Let the campaigns run on automatic for 10 days with a budget of 10-15$ per day – The Four Automatic campaigns Low Budget: Run 4 campaigns based on Clusters (Product // Category // Brand // Goals) for 10 days on approx. 5/6$ pro day
    04 Never stop your campaigns! Learn to optimize them
  • Extra Mile: Other Marketing Channels
    Looking for external traffic will get you ahead from your competitors
    You use Amazon as Showcase for your Brand
    Don‘t send traffic directly to your Products on Amazon
    Create Landing pages and a funnel
  • Tip: Add A+ Content
    3% -10% more Sales Strong Branding Connotation Full Shopping Experience
  • Tip: Mistakes to avoid
    Always check the permissions and documentations for some specific categories
    Take your time to order samples and review the quality of your Product.
    You might also look for some competitor’s Product
    First understand Amazon’s Basics: they won’t change, Don’t focus on a single Product, try to build a portfolio
    Don’t infringe the copyright
  • Tricks
    Before you launch your Product, create an Email list and use it to generate your traffic once you launch your Product
    Use the FAQ to drive more sales: the more your potentials will be sure about your Products, the more will convert into buyers
    If your competitor is running external PPC campaigns and use Bitly Links, you can extract their stats from it
    Use five Keywords in your Canonical URL, it will give a little ranking on Google too (it means extra traffic!)
  • The full Checklist
    Suppliers Choosing the right Supplier is vital. Poor quality or delayed timing will affect your business.
    Product Take your time to do the researches, to check the demand, the competitors.
    Reviews Don’t use Black Hat tricks, you will risk your account. Focus on the connection with the customer
    PPC Campaigns Plan the Budget and your goals. Start on Automatic, then optimize your campaigns
    Preparation Documentations, permissions (if needed) have to be available. Set the Account and the Price considering a long term business
    Add the “extra” A+ Content Social Media Traffic


How Purple-Haired Influencers Can Help Your Business By Travis Shreffler #ASE19

  • The Takeaways
    What Twitch is and how it works
    How to integrate your brand with Twitch streamers
  • The Numbers
    3 million people are streaming
    15 million daily active viewers
    2.7 billion hours of watch time in Q2 2019
  • Youtube vs. Twitch
    YouTube is: ● Preproduced and predictable ● Allows for multiple takes and planning ● Non-engaging ● Shorter form (10 mins. to 1 hour) ● Established and saturated
    Twitch is: ● Live and improvised ● No cuts, no editing ● Hyper-engaging ● Long form (avg. 4 -6 hours) ● Frontier
  • Advertising Opportunities
    Advertising Opportunities CPC (cost per click) CPVM (cost per viewer minute) CPM (cost per 1k impressions) CPA (cost per action)
    ● chat bots ● panels ● chat bots ● panels ● in-stream display ● chat bots ● panels ● in-stream display $0.0005 $12.50 $0.10 $ / %
  • How to Work with Twitch Streamers
    ● Be very clear about what you want
    ● Be flexible about how they promote ● Work with streamers who want to work with you

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