• op·ti·mi·za·tion – the action of making the best or most effective use of a situation or resource. Our resource is our website! noun
  • Problem: You can’t optimize what you don’t measure.
    Solution: Implement tools to help you measure, target and optimize.
    Free & paid tools will be provided to help guide you through the chaos of marketing technology.
  • About Me
    Head of Optimization with LeadsMarket.com (a network) which paid out $48M in affiliate commissions as of 2018.
  • About LeadsMarket.com
    ● Short-Term Loans & Personal Loans ○ Leads ○ Clicks ○ Calls ○ US & UK Markets
    ● Over 460 Active Affiliates ● Optimized Forms
  • Chronological Order of Events (Pun Intended) – Types of tools covered with top tool pick in each:
    1. Event Tracking
    2. Funnel Tracking
    3. Session Replay & Heatmapping
    4. Experimentation
    5. Automated Web Testing
  • Description & Solutions – Event Tracking
    ● Allows you to get more granular data than just pageviews
    ● Can be highly targeted actions! ○ Based on custom goals ○ Needs custom development. Solutions –
    ● Google Tag Manager (GTM) events to Google Analytics (Free) ○ Debug events with Google Tag Manager preview tool
    ● Heap
    ● FullStory
  • Tool of Choice For Event Tracking – Google Tag Manager – tagmanager.google.com
    1. Develop once and syndicate out to other tools
    2. Easy self-serve
    3. Good versioning system
    4. FREE
  • Quick Hack Develop events for Google Tag Manager ONCE and then syndicate out to other tools for ingestion into those platforms.
    This allows for develop time to be shorter and tool implementation to become faster!
    BONUS: Value parameter can pass time on step also!
    Custom Event Triggers
  • Event Hierarchy From Google Tag Manager (GTM) you will have to have at least 3 parameters covered.
    1. Event name a. Generally the topic
    2. Category a. Self-explanatory
    3. Action a. Click, Popup displayed, etc
    4. Value a. Can pass back time it took to complete action Event Name Category Action > Label > Value
  • Key Benefit For Event Tracking Helps you DRILL DOWN ON ACTIONS people take on your website and not just what pages they hit
  • Description & Solutions Funnel Tracking
    ● The act of tracking starting point and end point user will take on your website ○ With events it could be by field or step
    ● Let you see key drop-off points Solutions
    ● Google Analytics ○ Pageview Funnel ○ Virtual Pageviews From Events
    ● Heap
    ● FullStory
  • Tool of Choice For Funnel Tracking Heap Analytics heapanalytics.com
    1. Event driven data visualization
    2. You can create funnels with pageviews and events
    3. Excellement segmentation options
    4. Retroactive event capture and naming
  • Quick Hack
    Using Heap Analytics you can start with a pageview and then transition into events specific to single page application.
    Heap also allows for more steps captured than Google Analytics.
    Example Funnel Report Transitions from pageview to events on single-page multi-step form and has way more steps than allowed on Google Analytics funnel visualization report
  • How it works
    Step 1 Google Tag Manager sends event to Heap
    Step 2 Heap collects events to then have you create sequential report on
    Step 3 Report in Heap can then be segmented interpreted
  • Key Benefit For Funnel Tracking Helps you IDENTIFY KEY AREAS OF IMPROVEMENT to fix bugs and/or user experience
  • Description & Solutions Session Replay + Heatmaps
    ● Allows you to SEE the actions being taken by your users while heatmaps collect the actions that could be taken on items that are NOT intended to be clicked on or receive errors Solutions
    ● FullStory
    ● Crazy Egg
    ● Hotjar
  • Tool of Choice For Session Replay & Heatmaps FullStory fullstory.com
    1. Excellent video recordings of users while keeping high security fields private
    2. Console log of bugs that can be detected by dev tools
    3. Collects actions like “rage clicks” and “dead clicks”
  • Quick Hack
    Get dev tools add-on for FullStory to allow you to collect console log files from users to see errors and bugs.
    Then setup segments with errors so that you can monitor any bugs that may arise proactively.
    Example Rage Click Replay
  • Key Benefit For Session Replay & Heatmaps
    Helps you SEE THE USER EXPERIENCE and capture log files to see bug errors and report to IT with a simple shortlink
  • Description & Solutions Experimentation
    ● A must for being able to test new designs out with a well thought out hypothesis.
    ● Allows you to split test urls or has visual editor for you to do minor adjustments.
    Solutions ● Google Optimize (Free) ● Optimizely ● VWO ● Freshmarketer
  • Tool of Choice For Experimentation Freshmarketer freshmarketer.com
    1. The best value in the space
    2. Fast reporting
    3. “Custom attributes” segmentation of results
    4. Polling and other subtools
    5. “All-In-One Conversion Optimization Suite”
  • Quick Hack Use Freshmarketer “custom attributes” feature which are collected from events syndicated from GTM.
    This will allow you to target all and tag users as they come in to segment out later based on your criteria and not just device or behavioral data.
    Example Report
  • Key Benefit For Experimentation
    IMPLEMENTATION ACROSS ALL USERS by being able to split traffic, tag users via events fired and segment out later in reporting
  • Description & Solutions Automated Web Testing
    ● This is a tool that follows a script set by the user that tells it what to do on a website
    ● Scheduled testing will show if new experiments break things and alert if issues arise Solutions
    ● Ghost Inspector
    ● TestCraft
  • Tool of Choice For Automated Web Testing & Monitoring
    Ghost Inspector ghostinspector.com
    1. Easy to script out new process via Chrome Extension
    2. Intervals and notifications are quick to set up
    3. Low learning curve for non- developers
  • Quick Hack Create tests for every facet of your website/offer.
    From logging in to submitting a new order.
    This can even look for error on front-end UI or source code.
    When test fails, Ghost Inspector will tell you what step failed, play back video of the test and show you a screenshot of end point of test.
  • Key Benefit For Automated Web Testing & Monitoring
    PEACE OF MIND and proactive alerts via email, and/or Slack to you or your team when issues arise
  • The Top 5 Tools
    1. Event Tracking (DRILL DOWN ON ACTIONS) ○ tagmanager.google.com
    2. Funnel Tracking (IDENTIFY KEY AREAS) ○ heapanalytics.com
    3. Session Replay & Heatmaps (SEE THE USER EXPERIENCE) ○ fullstory.com
    4. Experimentation (IMPLEMENTATION) ○ freshmarketer.com
    5. Automated Web Testing & Monitoring (PEACE OF MIND) ○ ghostinspector.com