• The Kroger Co.
    Kroger offers thousands of quality food and household products from your favorite brands and companies.
    From fresh produce, meats and seafood to dairy and home goods, we are your one stop for savings.
    We also offer multiple ways to shop, so getting your groceries is easier than ever.
    You can shop online and get your groceries delivered to your home in as little as one hour, or pick up at your local store within a one hour window!
    With nearly 2,800 stores in 35 states under two dozen banners and annual sales of more than $115.3 billion, Kroger today ranks as one of the world’s largest retailers.
    Improving marketing efforts and maximizing business approach can lead to more desired results
    Implementing strategic tests to scale can lead to transformative discoveries to help drive conversation
    Gaining internal alignment and spreading the word about your marketing channel will be crucial to success
  • Determine Objective Key Results
    • Expand marketing presence
    • Drive Revenue + Trips
    • Increase Market Share
    • Identify associated technical work
    • Establish launch roadmap
    • Quantify/Project potential revenue impact
    • Communicate expenses
  • What is Affiliate Marketing?
    • Reinforce Pay Per Revenue Strategy
    • Identify Types of Publishers & Business Model
    • Define Commissions and commissionable events
    • Program Promotion
    • Testing & Optimization
  • Socialization of Affiliate Marketing:
    Network and have a good understanding of how affiliate marketing fits into your department the broader marketing organization and your company Identify and onboard with important working teams:
    Sales/Merchandising Technology/Innovation Loyalty & Rewards Data Science/Analytics
    Deep dive into the business needs and goals
    Identify budget needs including projection on commissions based on industry information, incremental placements, retainer for an agency
    Develop use cases for adjacent teams “I googled discount sites and Retailmenot.com was listed within the search results.
    I went to the website and typed in “grocery” which took me to a page with various consumer goods brands and offers.
    Kroger offered $10 your first purchase using code “SHIP”.
  • The Kroger Co.
    As a company, we are committed to digital innovation and redefining customer experiences that bridge accessibility to fresh food.
    Corporately, we forge partnerships that foster customer value and serve communities.
  • Challenge:
    Utilize digital marketing to reach consumers via e-commerce.
    To invest in easy- to track performance.
    To draw savvy shoppers, who transact on mobile and to automate their shopping and rewards programs. We wanted to create omnichannel programming that was low-risk and ROI focused.
    Therefore, we outlined partnerships, that enabled new technologies and platforms while establishing a testing agenda that could be targeted and was 100% measurable.
    Implemented cash-back tests across various time durations for 3 month duration Tracked incremental Kroger shopping intent through offer linking modality (Decrease passive sales) -AND- every incentivized in-store consumer transaction.
  • Performanc e Marketing Testing Agenda:
    Identify purchasing partner and understand customer experience and user flow.
    Acquaint yourself with shopper path to purchase Set clear objectives and test goals.
    Align with business needs and how test can support Establish timing and budget.
    Prevent overlap of in-market tests, to ensure “clean” results, and set expectation of when investment will exhaust
    Understand offer strategy and customer incentive.
    Decide on test targets based on demographics
    Coordinate test methodology to effectively track KPI’s and incrementality
  • Marketing Optimization:
    Analyze test results and determine key takeaways in order to scale test.
    Analyze Dig into customer targets.
    Dig Deepen partnerships.
    Closely collaborate and actively meet with partners to create effective programming that works
    Deepen Gain alignment on learnings
    Gain Implement subsequent test phase that is longer and broader to better understand customer behavior