• About us
    Robin Cyrus We run offers, ecom stores, an agency, monetization, and consulting.
  • Who is this for?
    Advertisers, affiliates, solutions, networks, banks, and all reps: we are here to show you how to make more money from any offer using data you already have.
  • Why this matters if you’re a
    Advertiser Stop leaving money on the table and start monetizing your data. Affiliate Help your advertisers implement this and you’ll get more cap and larger/faster payouts. Solution Provider Your clients will have lower chargebacks, higher transaction volume, and brand longevity.
  • What the Heck!
    You sell to hundreds if not thousands of new customers a day and you think your job is done after the first sale? You’re collecting VALUABLE DATA from self-selecting audiences!
    ● Page visits ● Prospects ● Customers ● Declines
    Your affiliate just made you a valuable sale using the perfect advertorial and all you want to do is charge their card as many times as you can before they CB, report to BBB, and force you to rebrand.
  • Monetized offers can outspend others on the same customer
    If I can spend more than my competitors, then I can get the best traffic and the most sales. This is true for all types of offers! Affiliate based, internal, and across every vertical… How?
  • He or she who can spend the most to acquire a new customer wins. -Every legendary digital marketer
    “If you read the first Dotcom Secrets book, that’s all I talked about. The person who can spend the most money to acquire a customer wins. Done, that’s it. I can spend more money than Lead Pages to acquire a customer. I can spend more money than Infusionsoft, I can spend more money than all my competitors. Any competitor of ClickFunnels, I can out spend every single one of them. Every one of them. There’s not one person in my market that can outspend me. That’s why we’re destroying everybody else right now. Do you understand that? That is the key.” -Russell Brunson, Founder of ClickFunnels“
  • Importance of having Straight Sale and Trial for every offer
    Downsell Trial Pay as much as you need to acquire a straight sale customer then monetize with a trial downsell (and tons of others). MID Benefits Show banks your hybrid model, and run straight sale and trial on the same account to keep a clean chargeback. Perceived Value Your trial offer is much more likely to convert on an audience that has seen your straight sale offers. Build brand. Compliant Trial Pages Disclose terms because your audience understands the value of your product. Then run it on every platform. Pricing Bill $40-60 for your VIP membership so you can actually pitch it as good deal. Stick rates/LTV increase, chargebacks decrease. Regulation All of this is white-hat so you’re also preparing for an increasingly regulated industry.
  • What are you currently doing with your data?
    ● Ad views ● Page Visitors ● Leads ● Customers ● Declines
  • Best methods to monetize your data
    Email Educate and sell your customers with audience- specific sequences. SMS If you can get high deliverability, this is gold. Get personal with your audience. Retargeting This is your best performing paid ads allows for scale. Calls Great not only for customer support and partials, but also for upselling coaching and other offers. Direct Mail Branded letters build up value and bring your customers and leads back to your offers. Ringless Voicemail Direct to voicemail offering downsell or value to call in.
  • Layer these on the backend for more money
    13 Amazon Amazon already gets a ton of traffic, so your products need to be on here. Trial downsell A discounted trial or downsell to your straight sale offer. Buyers club Small monthly membership to your ecommerce type store. eBooks These act as trip wires for cold and warm audiences and as upsells for existing customers. More physical products Cross sell customers your other products, and delivery the right products to the right audiences. Coaching A great sell over the phone especially in the wellness space. Offer quality coaching for a monthly fee.
  • This layers on top of your current traffic. It doesn’t replace anything.
    Use your existing data to get higher LTV’s, find better media buyers, pay vendors faster and increase MID cap
  • Easy to set up and highly effective
    Retargeting, Email, SMS
  • Retargeting Sell To Your Page Views
    ◇ Use your pixel data ◇ Educate them on your product ◇ Testimonial overload
  • Retargeting Sell To Your Prospects
    ◇ Testimonial overload ◇ Limited time discount offers ◇ Cross sell your product line
  • Retargeting Sell To Your Buyers
    ◇ Buyer Thank-you ads ◇ Cross sell products in your line ◇ Memberships are key
  • Email Sequences:
    Prospects ◇ SS Offer ◇ Trial Offer ◇ Amazon discount ◇ Flash sale ◇ Other products
  • Email Sequences:
    Customers ◇ TY Buyer Ads ◇ Push Discount Offer ◇ Build Rapport/Value ◇ Other physical products ◇ Rebuy emails after 1 month ◇ Other emails like asking for testimonials
  • Email Sequences:
    Declines ◇ Amazon offer ◇ Offer help or assistance/other ways to purchase ◇ Apologize for difficulties and offer discount
  • SMS:
    Prospects ◇ Discount offer ◇ Trial offer ◇ Occasional flash sale blasts
  • SMS:
    Customers ◇ Thank you + confirmation ◇ Shipping update ◇ Offer to call in for free coaching → upsell ◇ Rebuy and flash sales
  • Internal Media Buying
    Reasons why media buyers don’t want to work directly with typical offers:
    ● Can’t offer media buyers anything that a network or other advertisers can’t offer
    ● Media buyers want real data and ways to monetize that data
    ● Not enough cap to scale properly
    ● Build a real brand to offer media buyers equity With a fully monetized offer, you’ll attract quality media buyers that are willing to grow with you long-term.
  • Sell Your Brand
    Typical offers won’t sell. You can begin by layering this on top of your current traffic and current brand, and you can use that data to build separate brands with all of this plugged in at the start.