Ich hatte das Vergnügen, mit Teran Dale ein Interview zu führen. Er ist Spezialist für Pay-per-click (PPC) Kampagnen. Ganz besonders gefällt mir sein Motto: „Werde aktiv und verschiebe die Dinge nicht auf Morgen!“ Viel Spaß nun mit dem Interview.

Hi Teran, please introduce yourself.

Hi my name is Teran Dale, I am a Pay-Per Click expert and marketing consultant that has generated over $174,000,000 in direct sales for my clients.

Interview mit PPC-Spezialist Teran Dale: "Take action, do not procrastinate."How did you get into internet marketing?

I got started in internet marketing by first studying direct response marketing from the late great Gary Halbert; from there expanding into internet marketing, marketing in general and Pay-Per Click advertising.

What are your most successful projects?

My most successful projects are turning start-up from 0 – several million dollars. Campaigns that I built from scratch which made my clients 8 figures or more like, Saveourbones.com, performaxgolfswing.com now perfectconnectiongolfswing.com and Careerbuiler.com.

What are the biggest challenges for your business over the next couple years?

The biggest challenge is choosing one of the vast amount opportunities that are out there in the internet marketing world.

And where do you see the best opportunities?

The best opportunities I see this year and beyond is in local marketing for small to medium size business and smart phone applications for consumers and businesses.

Is there anything you would do differently?

Yes, I would have promoted/market my services a lot more.

What is the best advice you have ever been given?

Take action, do not procrastinate.

What are the most valuable hints you would give someone who is just starting out?

The advice I was given to me by my mentor which holds so true is to focus on the trend if you really want to make it big. The trend is where the best opportunities reside.

Any secrets hands-on information you can share with our readers (e.g. great website, book, training, source …)?

I would say study direct response marketing first and then internet marketing. Study the great marketers of the past they had great insights on human psychology what made people buy.

Great markets of the past: David Ogilvy, Claude Hopkins, Robert Collier, Eugene Schwartz.

What are your preferred information sources about the internet marketing world?

Sign up and register for the Google blog, web pro news and webmaster world.

Teran, thanks a bunch!